Navalny Aftershocks

Nadin Brzezinski
7 min readFeb 22, 2024

As the days passed, Russians tried laying flowers and other forms of peaceful resistance. They are also getting arrested in the hundreds. It is a signal the state is sending. They are not even letting them blow off steam in a peaceful fashion.

This makes it very clear that the Russian state can’t allow the most basic of rights of expression. This is an authoritarian space that continues to close. This killing was a signal to any opposition to the country.

If I said I was surprised, I would be lying. But in reality, it is where we are. So, some other interesting alternatives are coming through the ether, and I expect the other means of resistance to the state in its current horrific form to accelerate. Here is an example:

Dear subscribers and concerned citizens of Russia who are ready to fight the criminal Putin regime, we appeal to join us in intelligence gathering and guerrilla operations in the following regions:







We have many actions planned in these regions, and we need reliable partners.

If you are interested in details, write to:

When you don’t let people have any outlet, they conclude that things are not going to change without some creative methods. And directly tied to Navalny is this one:

🔥In the Moscow region, one of the United Russia offices was slightly ablaze. According to the telegram channel “My Choice” , “this is a symbolic arson in memory of Navalny.”

The action is indeed in a light style, but it is still a much healthier reaction than wiping each other’s snot on Twitter and Facebook and lamenting “how good we are, why do we need all this.” We hope that the performers had time to properly prepare for the raid, followed safety measures and that they would not be caught in the trash.

Here is a far bigger story. One that tells me there is a large crack in the ice flow we all are following. This is precisely a call for unity between the far-right forces and more progressive forces. If they had…



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