Mutiny in Russia.

Nadin Brzezinski
4 min readNov 2, 2022
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This was not a surprise. If anything, that it took this long is. However, I woke up to this news. The first riot and refusal to fight among the mobilized within Russia. This is the version through Rospartizan; there are others:

Rebellion of mobilized in Chuvashia Conscripts at a training center in Ulyanovsk refuse to fight until they are paid a monetary compensation of 195,000 rubles promised by the government of the Russian Federation and President Vladimir Putin.

More than 100 people are participating in the riot. “We refuse to participate in a special military operation and will seek justice until we are paid the money promised by our government headed by the President of the Russian Federation! <…>

Why then should we go to fight for this state, leaving our families without support??!” There were also more prosaic indignations, in the spirit of “We are fucked.”

As you can hear from the video, many conscripts get sick, living conditions are as bestial as the attitude. In the meantime, OMON and the National Guard are being called in to suppress the riot in the training room. Recently, in the same training center, a mobilized person died from beatings inflicted with a blunt object.

Let’s establish a few things. The Russian army is not a disciplined force. However, and this may read as a contradiction, it’s one where physical abuse and rape are common. They see this as a form of discipline.

So having a person die from physical abuse is not necessarily that surprising. But the pattern involves pay, and Russia has had riots due to this before. One reason for the withdrawal from Germany was the lack of pay.

Incidentally, Russia also lacks the necessary tools to keep these troops provided, and winter is coming. This appeared the other day on Telegram, and it’s but one example of this building anger. It’s hardly an isolated case:

Yes, you are a f*ck. We were abandoned without equipment. Come on, bitch, or I’ll come for you. And these mobilized people turn to the head of the Shakhovsky district of the Moscow region, who sent them to the “new territories” without equipment.

“You f*cking say: we will have everything, f*cking tech. <…> We do not understand where. We’re running out of ammo. We were abandoned without…

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