Mueller Report and the Clinton Cottage Industry

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From the Mueller Report

Analysis (April 19, 2019) I know this will come as zero news to those who have followed the far right fixation with Hillary Clinton. The conspiracy investigation into Russia and the Trump campaign is full of it. It may be a surprise to those who have not paid even passing attention.

To put it bluntly: Hillary Clinton became the symbol of all that was evil in their minds. The nomination by the Democratic Party was the worst possible outcome. She had to be destroyed.

The focus of the saga became her server, the one she kept as Secretary of State. While the government never found actual evidence that this server was penetrated by foreign actors, this became a talking point and a core belief to the far right.

This story did not start in 2015, but actually in 1992. As First Lady, she had to confront a few scandals, and faux scandals, starting with travelgate. Hillary Clinton was at the heart of many of these scandals. Remember VInce Foster? What about Pizza-Gate for a recent one? They became windmills for a political right fixated in bringing down a demon. In some quarters she did take the imagery of a witch.

It is no coincidence that Jerome Corsi, Roger Stone, and Neil Cavuto figure prominently in the attempted gathering of the 30,000 missing emails. They never got their great white whale, but their presence in the report is hardly accidental. Nor is the same fixation of President Donald Trump, who reportedly was frustrated.

It is a fact that Secretary Clinton became a symbol of what was wrong. This persecution and fixation of both her and her husband started when they arrived to Washington in 1992. It is as if they were not worthy of the presidency. It was the beginning of the revenge by far-right forces to avenge Richard Nixon. It is hardly an accident that Stone has been part of this cottage industry since then. And yes, Bill Clinton was impeached, mind you, for far less than Trump has done. He was never indicted.

Secretary Clinton also was a symbol of a changing world. She was not going to stay home to bake cookies. As a woman who had a far more independent role, she was extremely threatening to the conservatives. A woman belongs under her husband, but she mostly refused.

This is not a defense of her actions. It is far more of an explanation. Lord knows that Secretary Clinton did something’s very wrong, as the State Department e-mail release showed. But this is a search for what drives this hate. Fear of status loss and the rise of the professional woman is part of it. Why Trump knew those 30 thousand emails would damage her, and her cause.

So where do the Russians come in? Their intelligence services knew that Hillary Clinton was the most controversial candidate fielded in decades. They knew that her candidacy was a natural wedge, and since their objectives ran alongside those of the campaign, they offered the oppo research, at times for money. In my mind, the Trump campaign crossed major ethical lines. However, the Office of the Special Prosecutor did not find criminal intent. Conspiracy charges are especially hard to prove in a court of law. And they got away with so much, we need laws to prevent this in the future.

The campaign had a heads up on the upcoming leaks by Wikileaks. This is amazing that none was illegal, and essentially the present President of the United States Involved in actions that pose national security questions.

Why was Clinton so toxic to the right of this country? Nor is this a defense, but even the present fixation is because she is a symbol of a scary world that they are far from prepared to meet. Once she faces from the limelight, one has to wonder who will replace her in their almost pathological fixation? There are a few candidates already.

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Historian by training. Former day to day reporter. Sometimes a geek who enjoys a good miniatures game.

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