More Signals of Trouble Inside Russia

Nadin Brzezinski
7 min readDec 5, 2023

We are increasingly getting more noise signals that things are starting to change within the Russian Federation. Remember when Igor Girkin was demanding this, and he was ignored? He is going to tell you so from Leforto's detention.

We may not be fans. But the man has a knack for reading tea leaves. He was calling for SMERSH about a year ago. He read the mood before these guys did. Now, it’s a proposal at the Duma; it would be as if a member of Congress said we need more repression:

“People mess with us.” The State Duma proposed reviving the Stalinist system of searching for “traitors to the motherland” throughout Russia

In all regions of Russia, to combat spies, the counterintelligence service “Smersh”, which worked during Stalin’s times, should be revived, said Andrei Gurulev, a member of the State Duma Committee on Defense. According to the deputy, such units are already operating in the occupied regions of Ukraine —

There is a limited SMERSH in Crimea. Now, does this member of the Duma want to expand this to the whole country? Why is this? Girkin also suggested a general mobilization if Russia wanted to win the war. I might not like him, but he understands the country well. So what could be forcing this?

Well, first on trains, oh my:

Very important and successful operation!

While a train carrying fuel was passing through the Severomuysk railway tunnel located in Buryatia, tanks filled with fuel exploded. As a result, the tunnel was blocked and more than ten freight trains stopped moving. Emergency services are trying to unblock the tunnel. According to telegram channels associated with the security forces, the FSB is looking for partisans, but to no avail.

What is the special importance of this operation? It is through the Severomuysky tunnel (the longest in Russia) located on the BAM that hundreds of thousands of shells are transported from the DPRK to the European part of Russia. Ammunition supplies from the cannibalistic North Korean regime are critical to Putin’s army’s ability to continue the war.

Direct action against Putinism is a method of saving thousands of lives. Every explosive blow to Putin’s system means lives saved. Explosions will reveal…



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