Michael Moore 11/9… A Review

First off this is not a happy movie. In fact, it may very well be one of the most depressing movies I have seen in a while. However, in my view, this is a critically important piece. However, if you are a hardcore partisan, for either party…stop reading. This is going to piss you off. The movie will have you seeing red…guaranteed. Mind you, for different reasons.

Oh, and yes, he got to Russia was part of it in the beginning. But then went on to explain why fancy and cozy bear worked. A few things different, and they would have been another failed Russian operation. Instead, the Kremlin succeeded.

Moore is goring many an ox and taking no prisoners. He clearly points out the role of Republicans in facilitating the rise of Donald Trump. How, by doing what they have done, they normalized him.

He is also very good at pointing where Trump was correct when it comes to the political system. Full disclosure, I nodded when during the Republican debate which Moore played where Trump pointed out he gave money to both sides. After all both political parties need greasing if he’s going to get his developments off the ground. It’s not like Trump lied. This has been an open secret for decades. One that most of the major media artfully avoids.

This will not surprise Moore fans. Him pointing to Republicans and hypocrisy is not new. He’s made a career of this starting with Roger and Me.

In this piece, though Moore takes on the same target many of us have identified as a problem as well. This is the Democratic Party establishment. He details in full how they managed the primaries. How in the Convention States that overwhelmingly voted for Bernie Sanders had delegates vote for Hillary Clinton. This little fact was a disaster developing in real time. We covered it. The major media went out of its way not to.

Moore (and me) told Democrats you just elected Trump in June of 2016. We were not speaking to the upper crust that paid thousands to be in the room with Secretary Clinton. Moore spoke to his neighbors who are working class. I talked to people south of Interstate eight. In the documentary, Moore talked to people in West Virginia (voters wanted Sanders in all fifty-five counties. Super-delegates went for Clinton overriding the people.) many of those people sat it out in November.

It was not just West Virginia. This happened across many states. Many voters left the Democratic Party, some forever. Some decided that voting was a waste of time. Anecdotally I heard that from my locals a lot after the primaries. Many of those people will not vote ever again or waste their time. They feel betrayed.

As Moore points correctly, and this was already known, non-voters greatly outnumber voters from all parties combined. Nor do the two major parties want those potential voters. Incidentally, Moore encourages those non-voters to vote in November as if their life depended on it. because it does. The work though does not stop at the voting booth, the preferred level of engagement by both parties.

Then there is Flint and the debacle that has yet to stop. There was great hope when President Barack Obama went there. His stunts with that contaminated tap water were enough to greatly depress the vote in a state that Trump barely won. Obama could have issued a federal disaster declaration. We could have seen prosecution of the state officials who allowed the crisis to both start and continue. Flint still does not have clean drinking water.

Moore deftly linked this pattern to how the Democratic Party was also captured by Wall Street. He pointed to Bill Clinton and the rise of the third way. He also sees the current leadership of the Democratic Party as an obstacle to social progress. However, there is a realignment underway. It’s starting to take hold of a new generation. It is not just Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. There are many others.

He also called the media for their coverage in the Trump era and speaks to experts on authoritarian governments. They point to the same thing I have in the past. Perhaps it is too late. So go out there and vote.

This film and the Democratic base revolt is scaring the establishment, who of course are screaming socialist evil…

If you want to understand why one hundred million Americans do not vote, this is a good start. If you want to get why many in the Democratic base want real change and do not trust leadership, go watch it. If you were taken by surprise by the teachers' strikes across the United States, it’s just the beginning.

If you instead prefer to remain ignorant of what is happening in working-class neighborhoods, stay home. If you are a hyper-partisan, and you made it this far. Congratulations, take TUMS along.

Historian by training. Former day to day reporter. Sometimes a geek who enjoys a good miniatures game.

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