McConnell Cooperating with the White House

By now this little one has made it out of Fox News, and the Right Wing propaganda machine. Why? It should trouble you. The Lead Foreman in the trial to come has said, we are cooperating with the White House in all respects. Oh and mind you, we don’t care.

After the pushback, but what about the Clinton Impeachment and Tom Daschle!!!! My lord, they did too. Well, to a point. What then majority leader Daschle do was to have STAFF coordinate with the White House. What did they work on? And yes I am old enough to remember. It was work to coordinate things such as schedules.

If you have ever been in a courtroom, you will see this. Every time a hearing is scheduled by the presiding judge, a flurry of calendars comes from both the defense and the prosecution as they both look updates. The Judge works with both teams to make sure everybody can make it to his or her hearing. Yes, the White House has calendars it has to keep, and that includes the calendars of staff members who may be called to testify. At last in a normal actual trial they would, but I digress.

After the pushback on what clearly was an admission that the foreman was working with the defense team in more than just scheduling matters, this is now the talking point. See, we are working on a schedule! We are doing the same! And it may work since most Americans have never darkened the rooms of a courthouse, not even for a parking ticket. So they are clueless as to how the administrative side of justice works.

Why are they doing this? Because they know any pretense of a fair trial is gone. And I admit, it was going to be a pretend fair trial. Other signals that this is happening. Majority leader McConnell has so far not talked to Minority Leader Chuck Schumer.

Compare and contrast during the Bill Clinton impeachment, according to the Washington Post:

Coordination between a president under impeachment and congressional leaders of his own party is not unprecedented. During his 1999 impeachment trial, for instance, President Bill Clinton was in contact with Democratic senators, according to “The Breach,” a book about the impeachment. Clinton’s White House staff, meanwhile, was in touch with Democratic Senate staff at the time, as well.

But the top Senate Democrat then, Sen. Thomas A. Daschle (S.D.), was much more meticulous than McConnell has been about maintaining the semblance of a fair trial process in his public statements. Daschle worked with the Senate majority leader at the time, Sen. Trent Lott (R-Miss.), to write compromise rules that were approved by all 100 senators.

Back then the country was just as divided, but both the majority leader and the minority, Trent Lott, knew that they had to have some comity. Why? A senate trial can be highly divisive. They knew they had to reduce the damage that potentially could be done. Mitch McConnell and modern-day Republicans do not share those concerns. They may be counting on people deciding to stay home during the general election out of disgust.

We can thank Newt Gingrich, who presided over the Clinton impeachment, for that. He was one of the most divisive figures of his era. Now, McConnell and others make Gingrich look like a nice fellow who was concerned about comity.

Now, some of the anger from Democrats on the cable networks is part of the show. However, if you have ever served in a jury you know how improper this is. If you decided on the innocence of a suspect BEFORE the trial starts, you would be bounced. If you said you were willing to openly work with the defense, the same story. Why the statements to Fox TV were so improper.

They were meant to assure the Republican base that no matter what, Trump is safe. He will not be removed from office, and at this point, one has to wonder if he could shoot somebody on the fifth avenue? He said he could during the presidential campaign, but the party has become so obsequious to him, that indeed they do not care.

So let me ruin it for you if you think this is going to have any mystery.

The trial will be as fast as McConnell can convince the White House it is convenient. Having actual witnesses could blow in their faces, so no. However, keeping some Democrats off the campaign trail could benefit Trump, the potential of really damaging testimony and ready-made tape for commercials is greater. So yes, it will be short.

If Lindsey Graham had his way, it would not even be a trial. He would just dismiss all with a vote.

What this reveals is the depth of corruption in the party of Lincoln. For those who do not know their history, it is the same kind of stubbornness, and willful ignorance, that led to the collapse of the Whig party. We are starting to see some signs that voters are waking up to the corruption. Graham is polling just two points ahead of his Democratic rival for example.

His has always been a safe seat. So perhaps voters are waking up, in spite of the most sophisticated propaganda machine in American history. We shall see what happens next, but we are entering the electoral season, and this will be one for the ages.

Incidentally, the chattering of a civil war in far-right land is increasing. And that should concern all of us. We are in the midst of one, but hopefully, it will remain cold. If the Republicans get punished hard by the voters, preferably at all levels of government, perhaps they will start to reconsider this far-right, white supremacist, America first, nativist, an authoritarian path they have chosen.

For the moment, Trumpism is extremely damaging to the Republic. Incidentally, I know some readers will accuse me of suffering from TDS. Nope, I just have seen this movie before, and it never ends well. The fact that over the last three presidents, starting openly with George W Bush, any critics are seen as suffering from a mental disease by the other side, is one of the symptoms of how deep in this malaise we are into.

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Historian by training. Former day to day reporter. Sometimes a geek who enjoys a good miniatures game.

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