Mass Shooter in Buffalo got Radicalized on 4chan

Nadin Brzezinski
3 min readMay 14, 2022
By TheAlphaWolf — Derivative work of File:Stag2wi.jpg, Public Domain,

Yes, there is a manifesto, no I will not link to it, nor am I going to directly quote from it. There are reasons for this, among them is that this guy, let’s call him a nobody, was inspired by the mass shooting in New Zealand. Yes, there is also a manifesto for that. No, I am not identifying that shooter either.

This is why there are no links, or quotes, in case you wonder.

My objective on this is to give you the motive for this shooting. This was not accidental, and the motive is white supremacy and the fear that radicalized whites have of a multicultural society.

The objective, and it is in the manifesto is terror. This is why he drove from far to commit this crime.

The shooter self-radicalized on 4chan, where he first started reading the gun forum. His social media is also filled with gun talk, and gun images. He went from that forum, to /Pol, where he proceeded to self-radicalize.

4Chan is filled with white supremacy and antisemitic material. In the manifesto, he self identifies himself as fascist, racist, and antisemitic. He holds particular hate for Jews who he describes as demons. But he also hates any people of color, who he sees as interlopers in white European society.

He then went and consumed other media from different hate sites. He identifies some of them. They are well known to students of far-right hate. But because this poison has infected the fringes of our society, I am not going to link to them either. Let's just say that right now they are trying to understand how one more of their people went on to commit a crime of horror while celebrating it.

There is another thing in the manifesto. He wanted to be taken alive. He expects to go to trial, where he intends to declare himself guilty. In his mind, this will inspire others to do the same, and go kill others. There is a reality about copycats, and in some ways, this nobody is a copycat.

If he dies in prison, he believes, then he failed to mobilize resistance to this new order he despises.

He killed ten people and sent three more to the hospital. So bear this in mind as the months go on. Ten families are going to have to bury family members because of the hate of one person.



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