Martial Law, Convict Battalions, Russia Closes Itself

Nadin Brzezinski
3 min readMar 3, 2022

Of note, a lot of this is based on rumors within the Russian Federation. But they are informed by Russian history.

The sanctions are already biting. Russia has become a pariah state on the world stage. Companies are leaving the Russian market at light speed. Russia has become so isolated that the economy is crashing, the rubble is worthless.

So what is Moscow doing?

The first is that they are holding explainers in schools about the cause of the war. These are justifying this aggression as a defensive action.

Now, before you tell me War is Peace was created by George Orwell, this matches Russian propaganda in the 1930s. Orwell was inspired by the Soviet Union for both Animal Farm and 1984.

So now let me address a few rumors that are circulating in Russia. UPDATE seems the general mobilization is starting.

The first is that on March 4 there will be the imposition of martial law. Given the economic crash that is not that crazy, I am assuming they expect the anti-government demonstrations to grow.

This rumor adds the cherry on top. Those who participate in these demonstrations will be conscripted into the army. Many in the west seem surprised, but penal battalions are a reality in Russian military history. No, they don’t get much in the way of training, or for that matter weapons. If you want an idea, the opening scene of Enemy at the Gates is pretty close, all the way to the machine gun crew in the rear shooting at the Russian troops.

There is another rumor that is equally worrisome. Martial law will come with a general mobilization. The last time mother Russia did this was world war two. It matches the ideology of Alexandr Dugin…

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