Lyman Retaken

Nadin Brzezinski
2 min readOct 1, 2022
Screen cap from video posted by AFU

The Luhansk front remains very active, with Ukraine continuing an offensive to liberate its lands. A day after Vladimir Putin signed documents illegally annexing these territories, the armed forces of Ukraine posted a video of the liberation.

Troops are continuing from this strategic logistics node towards Kreminna.

According to Deep State:

Cleaning is underway in Liman. At least the police department has already been de-Russified. Judging by the fact that no explosions can be heard on the video, it can be assumed that the cleanup is in the final stage. So far, it is not known exactly what the situation is with those surrounded and those who got out of Liman-Torskyi. We collect data. Perhaps more details will be in the summary or already tomorrow. Wait for the map to be updated in the next few minutes.

They were completely encircled as of last night. Ukraine has taken prisoners. Whether any encircled Russians managed to get out is a good question.

Ukraine continues to move on. Their offensive has not culminated. The northern Luhansk front is in danger of a Russian collapse.

Now let me address nuclear talk. First, cite a Russian expert, and then explain the reality:

“This scenario is already the main one.” A nuclear strike is Putin’s next step. And the West never sent him signals that could stop him, says international expert Vladislav Inozemtsev.

President Joe Biden has, in public, and likely in diplomatic channels. Others most likely have as well. It is a red line.

>After the annexation, a situation arose in which Ukraine’s attacks in the Donbass and Kherson region became an encroachment on the territory of Russia and a threat to its integrity. According to the military doctrine of the Russian Federation, this is the basis for a retaliatory nuclear strike,

Inozemtsev stated in a special issue on the Khodorkovsky.Live channel. “There was a reason to use nuclear weapons. What Putin, in fact, said — that he will stop at nothing, ”Inozemtsev points out. The Russian leadership will look at the dynamics at the front, but the worse the dynamics for Moscow, the higher the likelihood of such a decision.

He is correct that nuclear talk grows with every failure at the front. He is also correct that it is Russian doctrine. He is incorrect in thinking the west will not invoke article five of the NATO charter.

Radiation does not respect borders.

Do we have a higher nuclear use risk than last week? Yes, and Vladimir Putin’s annexation speech pointed to it. However, it’s not 1962 Bay of Pigs level.

He is trying to cow the west to force Ukraine to negotiate and surrender. It’s worked in the past. It must be frustrating that it is not now.



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