Logistics Collapse

Nadin Brzezinski
12 min readJul 17, 2022
Russian Tank Depot

I can only make an assumption, in the spirit of the same Russian propaganda and in a language they understand, that Putin is a sent Cossack, a puppet of the West, staged in order to finally finish and destroy Russia. What they have successfully performed and is being implemented. In exchange, he receives personal benefits in unlimited quantities. This is, of course, conspiracy, but absolutely in the spirit of the obscurantism that Russian state media and officials are now spreading. (Russian officer)

There are many ways wars can come to a halt. Total surrenders are the ones most people imagine. The surrender of the Japanese on board the USS Missouri comes to mind. Or, for that matter, Victory Day in Europe. Rarely do wars end that way.

Total surrenders are rare as nails. Most end around a table and even the shape of the table is contested.

Ukraine is likely going to end in very Russian way. It’s starting to look like the armies of Vladimir Putin will go home on foot, leaving a lot of equipment behind. Why? They are facing a logistics collapse like that seen by the armies of the Tzar in 1917, after the Summer offensive.

First, a tad of background. Because we have seen signals of this since the beginning of the war. If the Russian plan had worked, and they took Kyiv in three days, we would not have noticed these systemic problems with the Russian army.

But now we do, and have.

The first sign of this was a Russian general who reportedly shot himself because his tanks were in a sorry state:

Ukraine says a top Russian soldier took his own life after realising how weak his unit’s reserve vehicles were.

Kyiv said the commander killed himself when he learned that 90% of tanks in reserve were unusable and un-serviceable because parts had been stolen.

In claims that have not been verified, Ukraine said some tanks did not even have engines or had been almost completely…

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