Kaliningrad…Could be the Focus of Further Dissolution

Nadin Brzezinski
4 min readJun 22, 2022

The collapse of the USSR began with Lithuania. The end of Putin’s Russia will begin in approximately the same region — from Kaliningrad. To begin with, the inhabitants of this proud free city will ask themselves what the Stalinist dullness of Kalinin has to do with them and their city.

The above post on Telegram caught my attention this morning. Yes, Russia continues to probe the west. We saw this with the helicopter flights of Estonia.

Estonia has summoned the Russian ambassador after accusing a border guard helicopter of violating the country’s airspace.

A Russian MI-8 helicopter is alleged to have entered the Estonian airspace for two minutes without permission on Saturday evening.

The incident took place in the southern Koidula area not far from the Russian city of Pskov, according to a statement from Estonia’s military.

Of course, Russia is also threatening Lithuania. But for the moment all we are seeing are threats and more military exercises in Gomel by Bielorrusa. Those are annual, so less of a threat.

So this is the situation outside the Federation. Inside we are having inflation already hit people hard. This came through Telegram, and I am posting it in full because it is revealing.

The Russians were shocked by the rise in prices for sugar, meat and milk.

The results of the study show that, according to 39% of Russians, meat and poultry prices have noticeably increased over the past month, and 38% of respondents note a significant increase in prices for milk and dairy products.

Bread and bakery products have noticeably risen in price over the past four weeks, according to about a third of fellow citizens (32%), a significant increase in prices for vegetable oil was noted by 31% of Russians, for cereals and pasta — by 30% of survey participants, for fruits and vegetables — by 27% of respondents, for eggs — more than a quarter of respondents (26%), sociologists say.

According to the FOM, a noticeable increase in alcohol prices over the past month was observed by 14% of Russians, or one in seven.

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