It is Time for Modern-Day Republicans to Decide on their Legacy

The hearings in the House have been brutal. The picture that emerged is one of a president fixated on reelection by any means necessary. Let’s be clear. Politicians want to keep their jobs. The nature of the American system has evolved into one where large amounts of money are involved.

President Donald Trump is not above a desire to get reelected. Up to that point, we all understand that. Donations, Political Action Committees, expensive dinners, they are part of the game. We may find them annoying, at times highly corrupting to the system. But they are part of the present game.

What the hearings revealed though was something else. The Mueller probe did not find conclusively that the Russians colluded with the Trump campaign in 2016. Yet, the president pressured a foreign power, Ukraine in this case, to announce the opening of an investigation on Joe Biden. The sweetener was badly needed military aid. After all, Ukraine’s neighbor to the east is Russia.

Ukraine has been at war with Russia for the last five years. It’s trying hard not to become a Russian client state (again.) This is one of Vladimir Putin’s goals. What are Republicans still trying? There are shifting excuses, and we have heard them over the course of almost the last month. They range from the president is too unaware to understand he is committing Quid-Pro-Quo, to Ukraine is behind the 2016 interference, not Russia.

Suffice it to say that Doctor Fionna Hill demolished all these theories. She did something else, she called Republicans in their adoption of these theories. She said bluntly that they are facilitating Russian propaganda.

Hill also revealed that this became a “domestic political errand.” This alone should be enough to alarm all who listened to this.

We had many such moments, however, it was as if we had two alternative hearings. And if you watched this on Social Media, you saw it. Republicans mostly stuck to a series of excuses, ranging from the president is too dumb to understand he engaged in what he engaged, all the way to it happened…so what?

Ranking Member Devin Nunes kept up with the conspiracy theories that play so well with their base. These theories are helping to undermine American democracy. One wonders just how compromised many in the Republican Party are.

It needs asking, will the republicans put the nation, and the Constitution they pledged to defend and protect, above short term political interests? Are we to the point where we must ask if many members of Congress are loyal to the country? This is not something I thought I would ask, even three weeks ago. But watching what happened, both on social media and during the hearings, the question is increasingly urgent.

It also needs asking. Does the present party believe in democracy? We have increasing evidence that they do not. This is troubling. When they speak about a constitutional republic, this is code for redoing the rights of many people in the United States. It is code for an oligarchy. This is also the preferred government of the former Soviet Union. Let’s be clear, Vladimir Putin is the final beneficiary of the Trump administration, and the Republican refusal to confront this crisis.

While you watch sections of the hearings, ask yourself. Why did the president engage in this? Who is the ultimate beneficiary? Why are people who we believed were honorable, turning on the nation? What are they afraid of?

It is clear we need to remove money out of politics, but we also need to understand why this is happening.

What is clear is that Donald Trump will be the third president to be impeached in American history. There is something else. Today it emerged that they have no fear that he will be indicted and ultimately removed. There is something about the White House stating this, that makes me think that perhaps cracks are becoming larger. Why? Republicans do not have the votes to stop the process by dismissing the articles of impeachment. With this White House signals such as this usually mean that there is more to the story than meets the eye.

We shall see, but a trial in the Senate is almost assured now.

How the GOP behaves will set their legacy in future history books. It is, as they say, in their court. The least they can do is hold an actual trial, which at this time I find hard to believe they will do, given how they have behaved. For the sake of the country, it is time for Republicans to behave for love of nation, not party.

Historian by training. Former day to day reporter. Sometimes a geek who enjoys a good miniatures game.

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