Impeachment, Banking, and Saudi Arabia: What do they Have in Common?

Some of us have strange “hobbies” I admit. In the age of Trump this is an even more important hobby to continue to practice. This is to follow hate sites. Why? Well, in a strange way, some of their talking points are aired in the mainstream. Some, not yet.

We also have synergy and coordination between the Republican elite and those sites. In effect, they are reinforcing each other. Yes, these radical right people have been around us forever. However, their grandparents in the John Birch Society were rejected by a party in a changing country. These days people like Steve King repeat these tropes from Congress.

He is hardly alone.

In the past, the president of the United States did not call Democrats, or the press, the enemy of the people openly. To be clear, Richard Nixon did in private. We know because of the taping system in the White House, but we also understand that Nixon did not hold rallies calling people his enemies. Donald Trump does, often. He points at the press gaggle and calls them this way.

Nixon had an enemies list. It included many members of the working media. But it was hardly a public list. Nor was there an echo machine that functions as state media. As a consequence of Watergate, we have a right-wing echo chamber reinforcing talking points. It is not just Fox News, but a whole ecosystem that repeats these talking points and ignores all else. If the White House were more disciplined, we would see the full power of this ecosystem. Their shifting talking points have prevented us from witnessing this fully, and for that, we should be thankful.

In a recent fundraising letter the Trump campaign explained it this way “It is US against THEM. Make no mistake this is war, and a war we must win to save the United States of America.” This language is coded, and to the recipient, this country it seeks to save is white and Christian. This is a nation quickly disappearing under the population pressures of diversity.

The email also rails against the elites and the swamp. This is a continuation of some trends that started in the 1980s in the modern period but are truly as old as the republic. It was Rush Limbaugh on the radio that started this and later was followed by many others.

While these trends at some point precede independence, in the modern period they are beyond toxic. They are part of the cult of ignorance and distrust of the elites. However, this email is reminiscent of the Chinese Cultural Revolution where professors were killed and discipline was enforced at the point of a gun of young Red Cadres.

Anti-intellectualism is backed into the American cake, but the way Donald Trump talks about these elites is dangerous. The email reflects this and is also railing against the Democrats who are not accepting the result of the 2016 election. They have been plotting to impeach him from word go, we are told. Of course, this is a reflection of the actions of the GOP leadership in 2008 hours after President Barack Obama was sworn in.

This is the kind of language that has moved from closed doors, where the proto-genocidal language is used, to the presidency. It has moved from the posting sites of the far right to the presidency.

I can hear you now. But this is the campaign! Sure, his campaign is doing what he wants them to do. And as the impeachment nears, (it will happen), we are going to see even more of this. We must question if some of the people reading these sites will indeed pick up arms. There is some talk of revolution on these sites.

Now, the president has not truly gone full-on antisemitic, even if he uses antisemitic tropes often. He has not said to anybody in public that “This is an orchestrated Jewish Coup.” This language is common in the Chans and other sites of the far right.

Or that to distract we would have mass shootings, which is exactly how the events at Pearl Harbor and Pensacola Fl were seen as. This coup by the elites includes mass shootings and all of them are false flags. Never mind that some of the radicalized people reading these sites and listening to the president have done some of the attacks themselves. See the Poway Temple mass shooting for example.

And never mind that the president said this just a few hours ago:

“A lot of you are in the real estate business because I know you very well, you’re brutal killers. You’re not nice people at all, but you have to vote for me. You have no choice.”

This is a classic trope that you can also read in the Chans and Stormfront. I suspect that to some, this is fully acceptable as well. These tropes will be well received in the far-right ecosystem, and there will be defenses of him as well. The loop has been closed, and we have a strong man who believes his power is absolute, leading a group of people who want to stop the take over of the country by diversity.

It is part of a coordinated attack on people who know stuff. Distrust in experts is common in this country. However, this has become a closed circuit with the White House. It is a dangerous matter that could end in people dying. This is hardly unprecedented in history, and the president is using language that will encourage followers to take up arms and defend him and his views.

As to banking, it is part of the elites, and if you go down the rabbit hole deep enough, as you can see it in the above quote, it is a Jewish thing. This is something that continues to happen at the deepest of levels from the White House. The echoes of what white supremacists believe in are there.

What about Saudi Arabia? Well, the Chans and other places have pointed out that the Saudis can get away with anything. And while some posters are astute and go back to the reliance on oil by the US starting in World War Two, most go down the antisemitic rabbit hole. They also at times claim that these are false flags used to distract.

We are living in a very dangerous moment when the fate of the nation will be set. We have an authoritarian in the White House. We also have a white supremacist who believes in the same stuff.

As I wrote up top, we have had people believe in this stuff before. Nixon was not an angel, and other presidents were creatures of their age. However, they were not this open with their disdain for authorities, or for their white supremacy.

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Historian by training. Former day to day reporter. Sometimes a geek who enjoys a good miniatures game.

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