I will repeat this since it seems impossible to get this through your head. Voters switching from a candidate who loses in the primary to another candidate and even party is common. It is so common that PARTY STRATEGISTS take this into account when baking slates for the general election, together with regions. This is why Biden became the VEEP for Obama, for example, or why Johnson joined Kennedy in 1960. I will add to this both Reagan and Bush senior as well. They were strategic tickets.

As to the rest of the balderdash you wrote, let me assure you, we do not know yet how the primary will shake up. What we do know is that we are living through two things. a populist moment, and a shift in the Democratic Party from the center-right Neoliberal ideology that has dominated the party for the last thirty plus years, starting with the 1980 New Orleans declaration, to about 2008.

There is a base revolt. And more of the voters revolting are able to vote every day, ok. The kids, as some dismissively call them, are not happy with the status quo, with good reason mind you.

But if voters perceive that the primary was monkeyed around, as many did in 2016, they will demobilize themselves, perhaps permanently. Or they will switch parties, this is normal. By the way, you are in advertising, I cover politics and yes, my degrees are in history and political science. And yes, I did tell local Democratic Party activists that they lost the GENERAL November election in May of 2016 because I had my ear to the ground. I still do.

I suspect that we will not see eye to eye at all though, and it matters little how much, or little, evidence I provide. It is what it is. Have an excellent day. I pointed a fact, MORE voters switched from Clinton to McCain, it is a fact like it or not. What value YOU gave to that fact is your issue, not mine.

This is mostly for the benefit of other readers, obviously at this point,

For the rest, some important links

And for those wondering why some Dems vote R in a primary and the other way around…

Historian by training. Former day to day reporter. Sometimes a geek who enjoys a good miniatures game.

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