I think there are a few things here. First, I am coming from the world of having fifty pounds extra in my frame. They came from a side effect of a medication. It took over a decade (and a tooth infection) to lose it. I am seven pounds from a normal BMI. If I ever reach that, or not, I am good actually.

So I have been in the glaring, you should know better, you eat like, well you know. So I get it,

However, you need to separate the physical effects of weight, however stage you are at, from mental health. There are good things about losing weight, and none said it was easy. In fact, statistically, most people do not succeed long term.

You also need to add to this the industrial food system we have, which IS addictive. I know, because we avoid it as much as we can. That takes lots of work and cooking at home.

The second is that many of the things you see, from bariatric to other methods, is there to deal with an actual epidemic, which in my view does not even start to touch the reason for the epidemic. See the food system we have. And as to the mental health, it is a question of the chicken and the egg, did it start after the weight gain, or due to it. Or was it a consequence of insert reason here. And I think that is as individual as humanity itself.

I know that I took a do not care what they think attitude. but partly it was due to the reason for the rapid, dramatic, in four months of weight gain. So I went, whatever cupcake, you have no idea. And these days they tell me, but, but that is great, congratulations, you know the rest. And that was hard work! Actually, it was not. Gut biome…that is my theory and I am sticking to it.

Historian by training. Former day to day reporter. Sometimes a geek who enjoys a good miniatures game.

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