I suspect that these are the extremely loud minority. I am a progressive…actually my politics are to the left of many progressives who think they are cool and woke. In 2016 (I live in a state where it did not matter) I did not vote for HRC. However, my reason was likely ten other people and way in the policy weeds if I lived in WI, I would have held my nose, because I get it. But my protest vote was done in a state that went deep blue, so no worries there. And yes, it’s a priviledge.

But it’s a minority of progressives who do not understand any of this. Fun fact, I met a few who did not vote in the primaries, and my state makes it damn easy if you do not want to stand in line. One actually said that primaries don’t matter. You think that person will vote in November? I personally doubt it. But the complains will be epic

Now, I need to request absentee, cause I am not going to physically be there in November. And lord knows that dead cat will not get a vote unless I actually vote.

Historian by training. Former day to day reporter. Sometimes a geek who enjoys a good miniatures game.

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