I mentioned Gluten Insensitivity and Celiacs in the first post I did. That is for starters Secondly, no, cornbread, the kind you are thinking off, requires wheat, it is one of the chief ingredients, So no, it was not known in Mesoamerica. Wheat was brought to the new world by the Spaniards and the English, with some help by the French, the Dutch and the Portuguese during the age of exploration. We saw an incredible back and forth exchange of foodstuffs that enriched everybody’s cuisine. See Italian tomato sauce, for example, The tomato started in South America.

The basis for the Mesoamerican diet is as follows,. maize, beans, squash, and hot peppers. This goes back at least to the rise of agriculture, 10–12K years ago. And depending on where you are looking at, you can add squash.

Another culture that did not see wheat for a long time, are China and Japan, Both of these used rice as the base for their diets… however, they adopted wheat earlier, since they came in contact with the Levant earlier than the Americas did.

In South America, the grain of choice is Quinoa and a few roots.

This is the problem with these all-encompassing statements. A more accurate statement, which the author of your piece did not make, is that all cultures developed something that may look like bread, not all of them based on Wheat and Rye. Incidentally, I grew up in Mexico, and I have a degree in Mexican History. I also have a gluten insensitivity from hell. Do I love those who follow this gluten-free diet as a fad, Why? MORE CHOICES, and GLUTEN FREE soy sauce, the second ingredient normally is wheat. but quite frankly, it is far easier to stick to my diet, if you will, in Mexico. Why? Traditional foods, such as tortillas, tamales, rice (imported from Asia) and beans, don’t have a lick of it.

We also have had a bad campaign from the bread industry trying to bad mouth gluten-free, because quite frankly, they are losing market share. Part of it is due to a fad, It shall pass. And part of it, yes, some gluten-free products are not that good for ya, Them fillers come to mind… But some “breads” are actually decent, not great, choices.

Historian by training. Former day to day reporter. Sometimes a geek who enjoys a good miniatures game.

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