How to Fight Disinformation

Nadin Brzezinski
9 min readFeb 28, 2024

Social media has become weaponized, with certain places becoming digital front lines. This is part of the hybrid warfare doctrine developed by the Russian Federation and other bad actors. We have been fighting it for decades, but this is still a strange concept for most people in the United States and Western Europe.

The first thing to understand is that they are weaponizing our free speech against us. The United States will have a legal problem fighting this unless we get into a hot war. Why? Free speech. It becomes a national security question when we get into a hot war. There were limits during the First and Second World Wars, with the former becoming questionable after the war. Those sedition laws are still in the books.

So first, what are the principles of disinformation? If you know them, recognizing them will become much more manageable.

The first is denial. This gets us into the post-truth world we now live in. Denial of actual truth is essential. If you are Russia, one of those crucial truths is that you are an empire. They have been doing this since before the Soviet period. It works for them.

In the United States, some people peddle the uniparty lie. We have two major parties. When they function well, it’s a collection of different viewpoints under one banner, essentially making ours a multi-party democracy. We are not there now, but we have two very distinct parties. Uniparty is denying this essential truth. It’s disinformation.

This is exploited in QAnon spaces, and the Russians love it.

Accusing others of what you do is also textbook. Russians have accused the West of being an imperialist power forever. Worse, at this point, they accuse Ukrainians of genocide when it’s them who do it.

They flood the zone with these lies. They also use them against us with things like the Texit or CalExit movements. They are trying to sow hate and discontent and destabilize the West in general, the US in particular. They are somewhat successful as well.

Demonization is critical on the path to the ultimate goal, which is genocide. My…



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