Hormones, Weight Gain

Nadin Brzezinski
2 min readFeb 15, 2022

I had proof of concept with my body. Over the last two days, for a variety of reasons, I had more carbs than I usually eat. Yes, we went out on February 14 for lunch, and the curry had veggies I usually don’t eat anymore. The previous day I had more carbs because the situation in Eastern Europe is making me nervous.

However, I did not eat over my calories. This matters. I did not get even close to eating even to maintaining my weight.

This matters, because there is no way I ate 3500 extra calories, yet I gained a pound or two. Yes, got the logs.

My scale went, remember your goal. I admit that is mostly aspirational at this point. But my scale squeaked, you are going in the exact wrong direction. I love my scale, but that was what you don’t say? It’s kind of obvious. I can see the numbers after all.

More worrisome, a couple of days and yes, I gained an inch in my waist. That worries me far more than the two pounds, to be brutal.

Ergo, it is the insulin, at least in my case. It’s not so much about calories. I eat more carbs, the hormone will do what it does.

This is why I got right back into that cart this morning. My lunch was pretty much keto, and my dirty fasting included a small meal, 150 calories in the morning. This helps to regain control of my blood sugars. It is part of…



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