Having a politician who is tone deaf to a percentage of the electorate, will not prevent it. Incidentally, the Democratic Party is also in the midst of an internal civil war. They want to find out what they are going to be when they grow up. However, younger generations seek new ideas and new blood. They want people who will move away from the last thirty years of neoliberal politics (This is not only limited to the US, this move is global. Why populist politicians are gaining traction, whether it is Trump, AMLO, Duterte, the list is long at this point)

There is a valid comparison to be made between gaffe-prone Joe Biden and 2012 Mitt Romney and the forty-seven percent comment. From a longer view of history, Biden is a really bad choice for the party, for multiple reasons. I do not have a crystal ball, however, when the Democratic Party nominated HRC, I knew, and told local party officials in May of 2016, that they just elected Donald J. Trump. Of course, they did not believe me. After the election, I had a long conversation on the structural reasons with some active members of the party. And the party, it seems, has not paid attention as to why people are very angry.

Four more years of Trump will accelerate that long process towards civil war. There are many structural reasons why Biden is not a good idea. And as I wrote in the piece. if the DNCC wants somebody with a similar ideology, at least four of the candidates share it. They are much younger and do not have THAT baggage.

If the party insists on a dedazo, they will depress the vote in the general election. The party needs a primary process and calling it mudslinging is far from rational since you like to use that term. Politics is not for the faint of heart.

Oh, and before you ask, I have no idea yet who I will vote for in the primary. Once I am done with some things we need to get done, I will spend some quality time with policy documents. What they say on the trail matters little to me, but I am not your normal voter. I have covered politics enough, to know those stump speeches are just words in many ways. However, I have covered politics long enough to know that gaffes can kill a candidacy as well.

Biden, like it or not, is a gaffe-prone politician. Given the nature of the political world currently, some things are better left unsaid. Moreover, saying, such and such a person never called me boy, but son, shows a lack of knowledge of a large section of American history. It also shows a lot of privildege. The kids, they pay attnetion to stuff like that. Moreover, the kids, like the cohorts behind them, are starting to vote in larger numbers. In case you wonder who those kids are, they are the millennials. And they will be a critical part of the electorate in 2020. In fact. that election will likely have one of the highest turnout rates in recent memory. 2018 had a turnout approaching a presidential election.

So my question is do you want to be rational? Good, do the work it requires and find out why structurally, given present conditions, the party needs to allow for the process to continue. And yes, there will be some “mudslinging” and some real mudslinging. This was not really it. This was a gaffe that could kill a campaign.

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Historian by training. Former day to day reporter. Sometimes a geek who enjoys a good miniatures game.

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