Happy Talk at Walter Reed: Crisis of Government

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Here is a handy link to active cases

It seems the White House insists on this deepening crisis of confidence. To nobody’s surprise. White House Doctor Navy Commander Dr. Sean Conley told is the president is doing well. He was contradicted by a source “the President’s vitals over the last 24 hours were very concerning and the next 48 hours will be critical in terms of his care,” they said. “We are still not on a clear path to a full recovery.”

Dr. Conley also revealed he already had a diagnosis on Wednesday. This means he met with donors at Bedminster, New Jersey. He also was still refusing to wear a mask, and so did the White House staff. He flew on Marine One, which is confined. He met with donors in a closed room.

This is part of the pattern that started at the inauguration. Who can forget the largest crowd seen in history from Sean Spicer? That is when the happy talk started and has not stopped. This lying has created a crisis of confidence. If the White House says anything, we can’t trust them.

This is not just a crisis of the presidency. It is now one of the Hill and personal responsibility. The president, or Hope Hicks, or whoever, started a cluster. The last check it includes three US Senators and Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is now going to delay legislative action on the floor. This is a problem for people who need relief but also shows how the party of personal responsibility has been carefree about this. They are so desperate to put it into the past that now we have a government in quarantine.

Reading Tea Leaves

Let’s be clear here. We should not be to the point of not trusting the White House on a matter as serious as life and death. We should not have to resort to the speculation that was common with Soviet premieres, for example. But here we are. How much can we trust what we are told by the White House, is not truthful.

First off, the whole truth was not told in that press conference. He is a very sick man. Which the White House still refuses to tell us. Is this because they think we cannot handle it? How can I tell? He is getting treatment on both a compassionate use standard and an emergency declaration. The conference ended when they were asked about the president receiving Dexamethasone. This would also tell us that he is not doing well.

We were also told that he is getting CT Scans. Which to those of us who have followed this tells us that they are worried about organ damage. This is what the virus does. It damages multiple organ systems.

Personal Responsbilty

The Republican Party has always gone about how they are the party of personal responsibility and doing the right thing. It turns out this cluster is likely a product of no masks, no social distance, and hugs and kisses during the SCOTUS announcement. They chose to ignore science and CDC recommendations. This has placed the government under a state of crisis. We are still wondering if Bill Barr will come down with the disease? And he is just one of the many who may.

The cluster brings into sharp relief attitudes that we know exist in the GOP. This is the idea that we are better than anybody else. We are invulnerable. And in regard to COVID, it only affects those other people, Whether it is the Blue States, or minorities working in front line jobs. Now the virus has come to the heart of the republican elite.

None of us should celebrate this. There are major national security implications, and as far as we know the Mike Pence may also develop this. He is younger and in better shape. Ergo, his chances of getting a severe case are less. But we must ask when will the president transfer control of the government? I suspect not until he has to go on a ventilator if we end in that situation.

The Trump family also did the classic infuriating thing. At the debate, they refused to wear masks. It is an attitude of superiority they have. Now it’s touched their family in more than just a personal way. We may see Ivanka, Jared, and others get sick as well since they were in close contact with the president.

As of now, this idea that Republicans are responsible has been blown out of the water.

Yes, I do hope that some of his followers and certain governors finally do the responsible thing, but I do not expect it.

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Historian by training. Former day to day reporter. Sometimes a geek who enjoys a good miniatures game.

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