Grain Corridor Remains Open

Nadin Brzezinski
3 min readOct 31, 2022
Ship Convoy leaving Odesa

Russia said it was withdrawing from the grain agreement. This is after the Black Fleet was hit in Sevastopol. We can now guess that the damage was significant. First, Russia launched missiles at Ukraine, chiefly critical energy and water infrastructure. Second, it was unable to respond to this:

The UN and Turkey agreed on the movement of ships along the humanitarian corridor on October 31, the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine reports. 12 ships with 354.5 thousand tons of agricultural products left the ports of Odessa, Chornomorsk and Yuzhny today for the countries of Africa, Asia and

Europe. Also, representatives of the UN and Turkey created 10 inspection teams to inspect 40 ships. RF was informed about it.

This is very important. Romania, at one point, suggested a convoy system. Ships have left the port of Odesa and are moving to global markets. This food is needed globally. It seems none that matters is willing to listen to Russia.

This is a humiliating defeat to the Federation. It means they have very little influence left. The Black Fleet may have lost a ship in the channel. This will make leaving the port much harder.

This also avoids the worst starvation and denies that weapon to Russia. One of my Russian nationalists expectedly reacted to this, of course:



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