Governor Whitmer and the Far-Right

Nadin Brzezinski
6 min readOct 12, 2020
Fort Sumter, 1861 By F.A. Nowell Co. — Stereoscope view from F.A. Nowell, Public Domain,

The plot to kidnap Governor Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan should surprise none. We are living in the depths of white grievance politics. While President Donald Trump has made this worse with his tweets, he is a direct consequence of it. He also is practicing the same grievance politics. Partly it’s economics, but mostly it’s racism. We live in a rapidly changing society where Whites will no longer be the majority. The power dynamics are changing. For whites, in particular, those left behind bt globalization, this is a scary moment. They feel their lives, and their futures are threatened. This is where a lot of the militias and their grievances come from.

These may have started with the passage of the North American Free Trade Agreement and the collapse of industry in the Midwest. It is not a coincidence that the rage across the plains became significant under the Bill Clinton administration. This fire culminated with the attack on the Federal Murrah building by Bill Nichols and Timothy McVay. Both men were once members of the Michigan Militia. The foundation date is 1994. Meaning, they were founded as the second Clinton term started. The attack in Oklahoma City was in 1995. Nichols and McVey did not think the militia was going in the right way. It was a lot of bark and a little bite. Decades later the Wolverines, the group that planned this attack, broke away from Michigan as well.

It is time for Americans to wake up to the internal threat armed paramilitaries pose to civil society. These groups potentially are terrorist organizations. We can even argue if parading around with long guns is terrorism. It may come in the positive. In fact, at the very least this is raising the temperature during demonstrations and counter-protests.

We are as divided as we have been since 1859. At this point, you can almost taste it, the cordite in the air. These terrorists had two goals. One was to kidnap the governor Ad try her for treason. the second what to start the civil war. This is a goal of some far-right groups including the boogaloo bois and the Proud Boys. These are the actions of people who are feeling emboldened by the grievance politics coming from the White House. In fact, what we are seeing is textbook stochastic terrorism. In this case, encouraged by the chief executive. Let’s be clear about this, the president is…

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