Global War?

Nadin Brzezinski
9 min readMar 23
T34/85 on rail somewhere in the Russian Federation, via telegram screengrab

Overnight a few pieces emerged on Russrat that deserve magnification. They need to, under the rubric of what Russia wants, not necessarily what it can do. Realize, yesterday, both T55 and T34/85 were spotted on rail inside the Federation. That is reaching way deep into the stockpiles.

So while Ukraine is deploying increasingly modern kit, the federation will send her troops to war on tanks as old as the Great Patriotic War. But this is classic Russian World ideology, and it is somewhat detached from reality:

“Last year, a profound transformation of the world order began. More and more countries understand that the just world of the future is incompatible with the rules imposed by the collective West. The movement towards multipolarity has accelerated. At the forefront of this process is now Russia. There is a fierce strategic competition, but in fact — a struggle for the right to choose their own path, based on national interests for the benefit of their people.​ 2022 has become a year of a difficult adaptation period, the reassembly of economic ties. As I said at the very beginning, the economy is now back on a growth trajectory. It is important to ensure its sustainability and use all available resources to make our country even stronger. The President set specific tasks to achieve this goal, I am sure that we will achieve success through joint efforts.” Mikhail Mishustin, Prime Minister of the Russian Federation

So you understand the chain of succession. If Vladimir Putin cannot fulfill his duties in the next five minutes, Mishustin is the next in line. Emergency elections would be called. But he is in the direct line.

This multipolar world concept is a return to the age of great powers and away from the 1945 rules-based order. It is predicated on what Alexandr Dugin and others have written on competition between land-based powers and sea-based powers. It is a fight for the world's fate, where the west is portrayed as near evil as you can get.

The collective west has become, in the minds of this upside-down view of the world, fascist and Nazi. Like the original fascist, the west needs defeating, perhaps destroying, with holy Russia saving the world from a fate of gay rights, human rights, and false religions. This brings me to Japan:

Moreover, the more Japan becomes…

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