Further Information on Sevastopol

Nadin Brzezinski
3 min readOct 30, 2022

As the day dawned, we found out some information on the possible damage in Sevastopol. According to Ukraine Sources (Russia is still stuck on whether this was a terror attack):

The drone hit the ship and exploded: new details of the attack on the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation

At least three ships of the Russian Black Sea Fleet were hit by drones on October 29 near Sevastopol Bay in the temporarily occupied Crimea. Among them is the flagship of project 11356R (“Petrel”) “Admiral Makarov”

Should be a question mark.

The Makarov is the current flagship of the Black Sea Fleet. It took on the role after the Slava Class Moskva was sunk earlier in the war.

Due to the videos that emerged, we think that the fuel farm was also hit. This means that the Black Sea Fleet may have issues. However, the Russians are still calling this a terrorist attack.

Suffice it to say a warship is a valid military target during wartime. These are also the Kalibr carriers that Russia has been using to hit Ukrainian infrastructure.

The attack is innovative, using new equipment and methods. It is not unlike bombers and torpedoes, first used by the British at the port of Taranto. It informed the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.



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