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Nadin Brzezinski
8 min readJan 26, 2023
Tuvan soldier, somewhere in the East, via Telegram

Today I would like to highlight a pattern that is starting. These are people within Russia that are beginning to become politically engaged. These are two anecdotal tales, but given the ever-so-slowly-growing internal resistance, it’s just part of that soup.

The first needs a tad of context. Quilted jacket is a term used for both the jackets Red Army troops wore during World War Two and to people who are completely disengaged from the political system. There are many of these; in fact, a majority of Russians remain in this category. So here is the post:


I respond to a request to tell the story of a quilted jacket that has begun to see clearly. It’s me. Please don’t mention my name.

Until 2020, I was an exemplary quilted jacket: I believed that “everything will be decided without us, go or don’t go to the polls”, that “politics is a dirty business, decent people won’t go there”, that “I have a house and a family that I it’s up to politics, let those who are elected have a headache about state problems, ”etc. etc.

I saw several FBK films Exposing corrupt officials. But TV occasionally, but watched, although not the news. I stopped watching the news back in 2014, I heard it occasionally when my husband turned it on. I just got tired of the constant abuse of Ukraine and accusing it of all mortal sins. I won’t say that I had some kind of sympathy for Ukraine, but I just got tired, I couldn’t understand: why did they get this Ukraine, then Donbass, their own problems, or something? We are told that we have begun to live better, but somehow it is not felt, it seems, everything is the other way around, it has become worse, harder.

This continued until the news about Navalny’s poisoning broke out. I immediately protest: why did they get the idea that poisoning is mandatory? Then this epic with his export to Germany. Why don’t they release something, since the wife asks? And then shhdd (context is missing in translation) his films were released, where he found and called those who wanted to kill him.

I had a shock. On the one hand, everything is very convincingly proven. On the other hand, a monstrous, unthinkable accusation against the President of Russia! What to believe? The accusation was so incredible in my wadded opinion…



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