Engaging in the Political

Nadin Brzezinski
8 min readJan 26, 2023
Tuvan soldier, somewhere in the East, via Telegram

Today I would like to highlight a pattern that is starting. These are people within Russia that are beginning to become politically engaged. These are two anecdotal tales, but given the ever-so-slowly-growing internal resistance, it’s just part of that soup.

The first needs a tad of context. Quilted jacket is a term used for both the jackets Red Army troops wore during World War Two and to people who are completely disengaged from the political system. There are many of these; in fact, a majority of Russians remain in this category. So here is the post:


I respond to a request to tell the story of a quilted jacket that has begun to see clearly. It’s me. Please don’t mention my name.

Until 2020, I was an exemplary quilted jacket: I believed that “everything will be decided without us, go or don’t go to the polls”, that “politics is a dirty business, decent people won’t go there”, that “I have a house and a family that I it’s up to politics, let those who are elected have a headache about state problems, ”etc. etc.

I saw several FBK films Exposing corrupt officials. But TV occasionally, but watched, although not the news. I stopped watching the news back in 2014, I heard it occasionally when my husband turned it on. I just got tired of the constant abuse of Ukraine and accusing it of all…



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