Dugin, The Occult and Darya’s Death

Nadin Brzezinski
12 min readAug 25, 2022

First off, like all deaths of semi important people, there are conspiracies afoot. The first came from either bad initial reporting in bad faith, or simply trying to beat everybody else. Mash said that Dugina burned inside the car. In fact, the force of the explosion ejected the body, and landed in the middle of the street.

Indeed the funeral was open casket, because there were not that many burns. But this led to the first conspiracy. She’s alive. To be fair, conspiracies like this one are fairly common around the world. So whatever, it’s a day ending in Y. If we did not have something like this, I would have been shocked.

Alas, there are other conspiracies. Some involve the occult and her father Alexandr.

First Alexandr Dugin is also a follower of occult practices. For a member of the elite, whether second tier or first tier, worthy debate to have, he is not alone. Vladimir Putin engages in numerology, Sergey Shoigu uses shamanistic practices. While the Orthodox Church may claim they are Christian, with no practices that come from somewhere else, there is a lot of syncretism in Russian religious practice.

Partly it is the fact the church went underground for seventy years. Part of this is that many of the ethnic minorities have religious practices that have survived over the millennia. This includes shamanism and other things that also include traditional medicines.

Once the Federation took shape religion was no longer, officially, taboo. So people started to look for religious meaning, and brought back a lot of the pursuits that officially died with the 1917 revolution.

Dugin is also a follower of the occult. This appeared in General SVR:

Dear subscribers and guests of the channel!
On the evening of August 20, Darya Dugin, the daughter of the ideologist of “Russian fascism” Alexander Dugin, died. We have information, with details about the death of Daria, the authenticity of which does not cause us any doubts. Moreover, we are sure that for many of those who personally know Alexander Dugin, our material will only confirm the assumptions.

About a month ago, Alexander Dugin had a face-to-face conversation with his good friend, an FSB general, and this conversation was recorded by the general. During the conversation, Dugin laments about the “wrong way” that the Russian leadership chose in conducting a special military operation, about insufficient measures, about Putin’s…

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