Drive Around the Block: Propaganda Stunt

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First, we can’t trust much of what is coming out of the White House medical unit. It is the list of medications President Donald Trump is taking. They added Dexamethasone, usually used with patients who have developed pneumonia. So we continue to read tea leaves and trying to find out what is his actual medical condition. We also are witnessing a series of stunts to prove to the American people the president is still in control. Frankly, today’s stunt reeks of third rate propaganda you expect in banana republics.

The photos yesterday and the videos also touch on this propaganda aspect. The photo above is part of that series. It almost reeks of a proof of life photo.

Let’s be clear, going out for a joy ride proves the president has not been humbled by this brush with COVID. On the contrary, it proves an utter disregard for his Secret Service detail, who had to drive him around in a confined space. Yes, that was in violation, again, of CDC guidelines.

Let’s make this clear. The Beast is not just any SUV. It is a hermetically sealed vehicle, for nuclear, bacteriological, and chemical warfare. He put the life of every member of the secret service that was in that detail, and likely a medical doctor, at risk. Why? For a show and tell. Those people were exposed to a critically infectious virus because he needed to show his cult that he is fine and a tough hombre. This is a cult leader, not a responsible person humbled by COVID.

We have no idea when the president got infected. We know he kept traveling even after he did. Partly, he cannot abide by any impression of weakness. The disease is a sign that he is not strong. It’s his narcissism. He likely infected, donors at his Bedminster golf club. He refused to take a COVID test before the debate in Cleveland. He cares only about two things: Trump and power. The more power, the better.

This stunt was directed at his base. Realize the people outside the hospital are members of the Proud Boys and other far-right groups. They are there, masks-less, to support the president. There is more. Less than a month ago there was a QDrop that claimed there would be an attack on the president, an assassination attempt. This is where the world of reckless behavior and conspiracy theory intersect, with a dash of proof of life videos and propaganda. For many in the rabbit hole that is Q, Trump’s illness is proof that QAnon was correct.

This is what you see in authoritarian states. The other thing you see is the refusal to transfer power, even when it is appropriate to do so. He will not transfer power to the Vice-President. By now it’s clear that this is the case. The president, and his family, will not let go of the presidency.

This is classic authoritarian behavior. It shows that he cares not about anybody else but himself. It is dangerous and highlights just how much of a danger to the Republic and its institutions.

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Historian by training. Former day to day reporter. Sometimes a geek who enjoys a good miniatures game.

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