Dominionism, Rudy Giuliani States he is More Jewish Than George Soros…and Antisemitism

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You may have heard this story the other day. In fact, if you are like most Americans this was insensitive, Perhaps it was the height of Chutzpah. You may also have heard of the spat between Christianity Today and the administration. After all, the magazine’s editor said that President Donald Trump should be removed from office.

This did not go well in Trump’s world. And both are connected.

First off, if you are Jewish and you are even a little familiar with the history of the people of the book, what Giuliani said had your blood run cold. This is the kind of bullshit that comes before attacks and pogroms. Fun fact, we have had an increase in the number of anti-Semitic attacks. And if you are about today, somebody will get hurt, well people have been killed already.

Claiming to be more Jewish than a Jew is code. This is as old as the Middle Ages, and it involved the idea that Jews are no longer the chosen people. Ergo they are the children of the devil and should be destroyed as exactly that. The mayor is also doing something else the Christian Right is, appropriating the Holocaust for their own needs. Also, this comes into the concept of Christian Zionism, which needs all actual Jews to go to Israel and for Jerusalem to be recognized as the capital. This is one of many steps towards the final days.

In the recent past, we have also seen the president use increasingly religious appeals to loyalty. And we are seeing the first cracks in the community. None of this is an accident since there is a tight relationship between Christian white nationalism and Christian Zionism. After all, both are closely related. The creation of a white ethnostate and a sense of persecution and grievance is part of this age.

However, both come with a strong sense of dread. Moreover, we have already seen people die due to this coded language. Two synagogues were attacked in 2019, and Jews have been attacked in other places. The attack on the Tree of Life Synagogue was the deadliest in recent memory.

It was followed by an attack at the Poway Chabad Canter. One of the victims, and a hero, has been honored by having a street renamed after her.

This includes a market in the recent past. Incidentally, while it was done by two black people, who are members of the Black Israelites, who share the antisemitism that is common in other quarters. For example, the belief that they are the true people of the book, and the Jews are poseurs or worst, demons. See how this piece started, the good Mayor saying that he was more Jewish than a Holocaust survivor.

Incidentally, these are just some of the attacks. There were many over the course of the year, and more will come in the coming year.

We are living in very dangerous times. If I am to take the usual Jewish attitude about this, indeed we will prevail. There is a famous photo before the Holocaust. This is a photo of a Menorah lit during Hanukah with the Blood Flag in the background. The wife of the Rabbi reportedly said the light would last longer than their flag. It does feel we are living in one of those moments. It is not 1942 yet when the Wannsee conference took place. But the mid-1930s were fear-filled. There were also rumors of war, and in time both came.

Historian by training. Former day to day reporter. Sometimes a geek who enjoys a good miniatures game.

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