Derek Chauvin and the Far-Right

Derek Chauvin Reacts to verdicts

Warning, this piece contains quotes from far-right sites that contain triggering language.

The Derek Chauvin trial was not just about a black family or the black community. First, this was a historic day. Second, it is the first step in righting centuries of horrors. There is no parallel to the blue wall of silence crumbling during the trial. There is no precedent to police chiefs testifying against their own officers. Partly, there was video, which makes all the difference in the world. This video was the star witness during the trial. Without it, I doubt we would even have gotten an indictment.

Let’s be clear about this. Now former officer and convicted murderer Derek Chauvin had a history of civilian complaints. What he did that day was not completely unprecedented. Civilian complaints led to no consequences. In fact, the man was a Field Training Officer and was practicing that day in that capacity. He was teaching exactly how not to do the job to a rookie officer who was the only one who raised a question about placing George Floyd in the recovery position. It was his fourth day on the job and he remembered some of his academy training. That officer awaits his own date with a judge and jury.

Officers rarely face legal consequences when they commit crimes. It is hard to understand just how stacked the deck is against justice in cases like this. The first step is that police always like to set a storyline that is always friendly to its officers and the department. It matters little what department we are talking about. It may very well be human nature. Officers will rarely see problems with the behavior of collages. Also, those who violate the thin blue line tend to leave law enforcement early in their careers.

The press rarely asks questions about press releases. This is partly due to the need to access, but it is also a function of the daily grind of reporting, and let’s be honest, this leads to distrust from communities of color with newsrooms. There are also valid reasons for this. One area that is usually ignored by members of the media, partly because it is psychologically draining, is to look at what the far-right sees in these cases.

Chauvin was found guilty on all charges. You could even see it in his expression as the convictions were read. He was not expecting this. Given the history of lack of convictions, it was a good bet.

This was a shock, not just to Chauvin, but the far-right

Is anyone else here suffering from nigger fatigue? I’m so fucking sick and tired of these animals and their endless demands, their criminality, their defense of criminality, and their unwillingness and inability to function as productive members of society.

I just want to kill them all. I fucking hate niggers with a burning passion and I want to see every single one of them dead. There’s not one single positive contribution that these animals offer to our civilization. They are worse than dead weight, they are dragging us backward and transforming this once great country into a war-torn African wasteland. When is enough enough?

I spent the day in far-right safe places, such as the White Chauvinist on Telegram, Stormfront, and /pol on 4Chan. I was looking for patterns. The post above came straight from 4Chan. Yes, it is calling for genocide, and it is hardly the exception. The triggering language is part of the theme as well. There were far more dramatics posts on the White Chauvinist page on Telegram, and many of these talking points made it to Tucker Carlson's show on Fox that same evening. No, that is not an accident either.

So, what were the themes that emerged in these places?

This is no longer a safe country for whites. There are many posts pointing to the replacement theory and using South Africa and Rhodesia as a precedent of what is happening in the United States. Indeed, some of the posters on these sites say they are from these two nations and warn white Americans about their future if they do not stand up now and take matters into their own hands.

For many of these people, the country is too far gone. The fact that a white police officer was held accountable for murder under the color of law, is too much. Yes, white officers should be allowed to do anything they want to do. Therefore, at Stormfront, a common denominator on many posts was that Chauvin was found “guilty of being white.”

One poster wrote, “I’m not even in America and it is obvious to me that he was found guilty only to appease blacks, a gross miscarriage of justice…white people should be rioting.” This is a white grievance that is present on all sites examined.

We need to leave or to create white ethno-states.

Another marker of how they understood this is not new. However, it got very loud. They need to emigrate to Europe or to balkanize the country and create white ethno-states. While at it, there were also calls to be ready to defend themselves from a large majority that does not like them. This means, people should carry it everywhere, whether this is legal or not.

This post via Stormfront was also very clear as to how these people feel about the court system. Chauvin was married to an Asian American. I note this since this was part of this post.

You should be more concerned about the lack of right to a fair trial. This is the future for all white folks. No more fair trials, and this here is going to be the precedent set. As long as they live in riot, and as long as we allow that, this nation needs to collapse like the Roman empire as far as I’m concerned. You’ll see. And that’s what you should be concentrating on(The right to a fair trial ) the implications of this are far more important than chauvin marrying some childless Asian.

They perceived this case, across all these sites, as the railroading of the now-former officer. They were sure he was not going to be found guilty, let alone on all three counts. So of course, there is only one explanation. It could not be that Chauvin abused his authority and killed a person over a false twenty-dollar bill. It had to be that the system no longer works for whites.

The anger was deep

They did this on Hitler’s birthday

Whenever you come across a post, or series of posts like this, it means Jews. April 20 is the birthday of Adolph Hitler, which is almost a sacred day for many white supremacists. They see his toxic ideology as the supreme manifestation of a white man’s pride and future. They see themselves as Aryan. The jury reached this conclusion on his birthday meant that Jews threatened the jury, somehow. Or that the jury was made of a bunch of liberal, woke people from the metro area. Never mind the jury came from the whole county and included rural residents. There is always some antisemitism in the language you will come across on these sites.

At this point, all evidence to the contrary, they are adding the justice system to all the things stacked against whites. They also are proof positive that good white officers should leave law enforcement. They want African Americans and other minorities, who cannot be policed, to police themselves. The irony that many communities of color would like to do that.

Then there is this salient point in this toxic ideology. Blacks will riot anyway because that is all they know how to do. Yes, Tucker Carlson went there yesterday, and so did Laura Ingraham, who is in my view getting their talking points from these sites. This is at the heart of the grievance politics that rule these places. They view black and brown people as subhuman, and beyond civilization. Genocide is not something they hide from. Some of them are looking forwards to it.

Why does this matter?

This is a very good question. Why spend time in these toxic swamps? The first and most salient one is that there were calls for violence across right-wing land. While most of the posters will post angry words, some are beyond ready to pick up arms. They are ready to take this to the streets. I expect violence, just not the riots they were expecting.

We already know that violence has occurred due to white supremacy. The man who went on a mass shooting rampage at the FEDEX facility had visited those sites.

The young man who shot up a Chabad Temple in San Diego left a manifesto on 4Chan. The attack on the El Paso Walmart led to another manifesto. The list at this point is long. There are not just calls for violence, but we have a pack of lone wolves that have carried these attacks. The list is long and does not stop in the present. Attitudes on race go to 1619 and it is systemic. Why FOX commentators are starting to call this the big lie because the reality is gaining purchase among large segments of the population.

We also know that some within police departments support this racist ideology. For example, members of law enforcement have donated to Kyle Rittenhouse defense fund. This even led to a lieutenant getting relieved of duty. He is hardly alone. According to NBC News:

One pro-Rittenhouse donation for $25 was made with an email address linked to Sgt. William Kelly, who works in internal affairs for the Norfolk Police Department in Virginia

The donor added: “God bless. Thank you for your courage. Keep your head up. You’ve done nothing wrong.”

Norfolk Police Chief Larry D. Boone said in a statement Friday that he was aware of the allegations and ordered an administrative investigation “to ensure department policies and procedures were not violated.”

“The officer has been reassigned to another division pending the results of the administrative investigation,” he said.

There is a direct link to the J-6 events at the Capitol. Not only are these people surprised the officer who shot Ashli Babbit was not charged, but they were at the Capitol because of White Supremacy, and white grievance. They see this as further proof that there are double standards applied to white people. The fact that we have had double standards with communities of color for centuries does not bother them, because this is normal to them.

Anger is building. Therefore keeping an eye on these sites matters. The material they post requires you to develop a thick skin, but also to remember that some will commit acts of violence. When it does happen, I can also predict how the media will react. They will speak of a lone wolf and refuse to see how people are getting radicalized right now. To be fair, since QAnon, they have done a slightly better job, but just insofar as that corner of hate is concerned. Q has been an onramp to these sites.

One final note. I have no way to know if Chauvin is a white supremacist. However, he was adopted by neo-Nazis and others and has now become a martyr to their cause.

Historian by training. Former day to day reporter. Sometimes a geek who enjoys a good miniatures game.

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