COVID and the Trump Administration Response

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First, we are having the worst response to the disease in the world. The administration has given up with COVID. In part, this is the economy, which is the lynchpin of President Donald Trump’s re-election. We are in the midst of an economic crisis, partly caused by the disease and the shutdown of the economy,. and over 120,000 Americans have died from the virus. Yet, the President seems to have given up on the virus, controlling the virus or even dealing with it in a serious manner. If you do not test, it will go away. And he has said this.

Why is this happening? We have a president who prefers to talk about anything and everything. He made fun of the virus and used racist epithets. He also ignored the events in the streets in the last two plays weeks. If anything, he weaponized Black Lives Matter as enemies and part of the radical left.

There are reasons for this. But you need to be attuned to the base Donald Trump is talking to. This is not an entertainer. He is a White Supremacist who has remade the party into a white nationalist party. This is why he does think he has superior (white) genes. He is exercising the talking points of a fringe of American politics that believes in things like the end of the white people, which is fast approaching. So why stop dealing with the virus? Partly it’s who it’s affecting the most. What these people know are useless eaters, people of color, immigrants, the elderly, and the infirm.

In truth, this is borderline eugenics. Though not the ugly kind leading to forced sterilization, or death camps. This is the kind that happens when you just let nature takes its course. And it’s time we confront this ugly reality. The president believes in this ideology, and so do some in his administration. However, it’s time to concentrate on the president, not his aides, such as Stephen Miller. This is why, in my view, once they found out that COVID affects (and ultimately kills) the elderly and minorities in higher numbers, they stopped paying attention to the virus. It’s a tool to cleanse the nation. First, a dictionary definition of eugenics:

noun (used with a singular verb)

the study of or belief in the possibility of improving the qualities of the human species or a human population, especially by such means as discouraging reproduction by persons having genetic defects or presumed to have inheritable undesirable traits (negative eugenics) or encouraging reproduction by persons presumed to have inheritable desirable traits (positive eugenics).

This matters, because what hs been termed soft eugenics relies on making life a living hell. This is not a common definition from the dictionary, but it is in usage in far-right documents. It also seeks to eliminate the old, cutting down on social security payments, and the influence of a politically engaged group. Here is an example of this literature:

It was observed, after hard eugenics became unfashionable, that the people who had been slated for extermination all had one quality in common: they were poor. Being mentally or physically infirm makes it all but impossible for one to trade one’s labour for a decent wage. In all but the most exceptional cases, it guarantees a life of impoverishment on society’s fringes.

Therefore, it was possible to institute measures that didn’t directly kill people, but which made their lives so miserable that they killed themselves. All that was necessary was to institute measures that made it hard to be poor. The modern way to do this is by applying constant stress over housing, healthcare and job security.

Soft eugenics, then, is when the Government makes your life so shit that you either kill yourself or withdraw from attempting to reproduce.

This is a far-right site. But it is important to see what they think in the present context. The reason why we need to shine a light is that while they ae a very small ideological minority, they now hold political power, the far right have no problem with this concept. And the concept also expands to services rendered, and medical care. In the case of minorities in the United States, they are more susceptible; to death from COVID, for structural reasons. These include less access to health care, good nutrition, and a higher prevalence of both diabetes and high blood pressure, as well as other chronic conditions. Many poor communities have higher issues with both air and water pollution. All this is not accidental.

So what happens when you ignore the spread of a deadly disease and decide to let nature take its course? Well, if you are a white supremacist, this is one way to eliminate the weak and infirm, without using overt means. It is a way to improve the race by killing, truly by negligence, those who you believe are of inferior genetic stock. They believe that whites, younger whites, will do well with this and the economy will survive. These young people will go on to reproduce and ensure the survival of what they believe to be the white race. It is one way to delay the genocide they fear, and the replacement they foresee.

The ideology is also clear people will die, which is acceptable, because they are inferior In other words, the far-right can claim that they are cleaning the gene pool from those who are not like them. This idea that genetics is destiny is baked into the cake of white supremacy, as well as essential differences between the races and genders. This is why people of color get sicker from this disease, assuming it is even real. Yes, in the dark reaches of the internet, and not so dark as well, there are those who believe that COVID is not real, or is a bioweapon, or just bad flu. In this respect, they are hardly alone. There is a sub-culture on the internet that denies expertise and believes elites are out to get them. It is larger than the small group that is the Alt-Right. It is as small as six percent.

Philosophically though, for the far right, and others with some inclinations, those who are thought of as useless eaters get sicker and die more than whites, it is a tool to eliminate them. Or at least to reduce the numbers. If demographics is destiny, this is a good thing. However, not all fora are giddy over this. A good number believes it’s a hoax.

The Tulsa Rally

The people who attend MAGA rallies trend towards an older crowd. And what about Donald Trump who is not precisely in a low-risk group? As I wrote above, science is for sissies when dealing with white supremacist, the right, the GOP and the president. One marker of fascism and Trumpism is a fascist movement is distrust of authorities, experts, or anybody who may seem borderline weak and liberal This is also why real men don’t wear face masks. Only weak, effeminate men, Betas in the language of the far-right, wear them.

In fact, they have become a symbol of not just emasculation, but of silencing and even white slavery. For some, it represents the imposition of Sharia law. In memes and this Iis a meme and trolling culture, They are chains, or other methods of muzzling people, like slaves were. This is part of the meme culture that claims that whites are fast becoming a minority and that chaos is the future unless they can reassert themselves and chiefly start breeding, well beyond replacement. In this sense, they agree with the Quiverfull movement. And there is some crossover.

This is not accidental and it is pregnant with a definition of freedom that is not just American, but pregnant with ideologies of race, persecution, and victimhood. They are also connected to eugenics and disease. We see it in government officials blaming people of color for COVID.

In Florida, migrant Hispanic farm and construction workers are driving the huge uptick in Covid-19 infections, according to Governor Ron DeSantis, who has repeatedly identified the immigrant workforce as the “No 1” source of outbreaks in the Sunshine state.

Day laborers contracting the disease are “overwhelmingly Hispanic”, DeSantis said, and migrant in nature, adding that he had given a “heads-up” to health authorities in Georgia and Alabama about “what might be coming down the pike”.

DeSantis’s racially charged comments have been blasted as “shameful” by agricultural workers’ union leaders, who say the state has been lethargic in providing tests and resources to slow the spread. On Saturday, daily new cases in Florida surpassed 4,000 for the first time.

This is not new and we saw similar claims in 1918, and they are pregnant with racial essentialism, and the belief in superior genes. It’s easier to blame these workers because they are Hispanic than to take ownership of government policies that are not working. This is why the president insisted on his rally. It was, and. It’s ironic since they accuse the left of this, virtue signaling for the masses.

We may ask a game of twenty questions as to why people did not attend the rally in the numbers the campaign was expecting. I suspect that Trump is running out of steam. However. The rally itself, and the refusal to use masks or social distancing is not just Trump. This is also telling people just how much better they are. And this is why the government, under Trump, has given up on the virus. It is ugly, but hiding our heads in the collective sand will not help us deal with this.

Once the election is over, assuming he loses, hopefully by a lot, we cannot go back to sleep. We need to keep tabs on this extremely small minority. They are desperate and believe they are losing their country, their white country. We already have seen terror attacks. Designating a ghost a terror group is a mere projection from what they intend to do. As to COVID, expect hundreds of thousands to die, because they believe this is a way to slow down the demographic bomb. And no, this is not just Stephen Miller, this is the administration at large. This is the president. He, and his family, hold these believes, as toxic as they are.

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Historian by training. Former day to day reporter. Sometimes a geek who enjoys a good miniatures game.

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