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Well, it had to come. We are in the process of decluttering the house. Part of it is the fact that I am bringing some of my mother’s possessions, so of course, had to get rid of stuff. But the other is that it’s gotten out of control, at least for me.

So started the process. And trust me, I am one of those adults with Adult Attention Deficit Disorder. It was diagnosed when I was in graduate school. The diagnosis was a godsend. Now I can name it. That mind goes shiny at the drop of a hat. That mind that goes order, ain’t gonna happen. So keeping order in the house is not that easy.

Now, we have been in the process every so often and it is in fits and starts. However, the house is starting to look less cluttered. It still is up there, but now some sense of that order is rising from the ashes. There are places in the house that need it more than others, ah my kitchen. It really needs a good emptying of shelves and decisions. Do I need this? Do I need that? How about this? And what is not, will mostly go to Goodwill.

I know the issues with Goodwill, but it is the second-hand industry in general that has those issues. It is not just Goodwill. And at this point putting it in the trash is most irresponsible. If something can get a second home, it’s a good thing.

Some of this is our modern world. The siren call of BUY ME is everywhere, including social media. There are some cute bags that are amusingly pretty on line. Now that I am using a bag most days, they seem pleasing. However, I have enough bags. So no. In fact, as the decluttering continues, some of them will go to Goodwill as well.

This includes some of my precious books. Mostly it is how to write fiction books. I have not done any of that in over a decade, but I kept a couple. The rest, they can be found on ebook form, and my kindle is not going to take over a room. The writing fiction phase of my life may very well be over anyway. I find these short articles far easier and more useful, at least to me.

The fact is that I really need to bring this under control. And I know that I have zero anxiety in getting rid of stuff. This is a good thing. If you do, help is available. I also have more energy to do it. Losing over twenty pounds will do that to you. The decluttering will include old clothes, or whatever remains of those. I already got rid of most of them, well except the fire-resistant pants we use for covering wildfires. They are big, but a new belt will take care of that. It is not like you to wear stinky, well smoked, sweaty pants to formal dress events, or even the coffee shop. So I am fine with that. And you could call them, my “larger than life pants.” I am told most people with weight challenges keep at least one pair. I sort of am.

One thing I did after reading a book I found and got in Kindle form, is that it is important to take photos before, to gauge progress. Ok, I took them sort of in the beginning, and to prevent MORE clutter, they are on my phone. No, do not expect me to post those, but will give me a good idea of the progress. I have taken many loads to Goodwill already. This is good. May all these things find new future lives.

Chiefly, they are out of the trash stream.

Will my house look like a Martha Stewart place? Well, I am reading a book on organization, and watched a few videos. The one I said I downloaded on Kindle. It is called the Clutter Connection, and like me, the author was also diagnosed with ADD, so she is aware of the challenges. I have a few ideas that may help to keep the order out of the disorder. Will it be perfect? Nope. And I give myself permission for that. I want a clean house, that is livable, enjoyable and all that. Does this mean I can achieve a Pinterest space? I will let you know, someday. For the moment, just getting some of this stuff out makes my life already more enjoyable with a sense of accomplishment.

Some rules I am using, which apparently are rules from organization experts…are to look at an object, and ask the following questions:

Have I used it recently?
Do I need it?
Do I get pleasure out of it?

If not…off to the discard bag to be taken to Goodwill, which is at a nice drivable distance. And if I see an object in this category in an area not under decluttering and I decide it needs to go…it goes. It is not even a question at this point.

Some of our old gaming books are going to a different bag. They can get us some credit at the game store, which we can use later. So at least get something out of them. Some are somewhat rare, but lets be honest, they will never fetch much money, and I stopped playing those games many years ago. So they are taking space and gathering dust bunnies at this point.

I am also going to get rid of miniatures from game systems we no longer play as well. I could go the eBay route, but quite frankly, that is too much work for little reward. So off to the game store they go.

When my mother’s things get here, before I continue to declutter, will put things where they go, that lived in those spaces at my mother’s place for decades. Then will continue to empty this, and also work on another project. It will take a few months. And I know there are weeks when I will do little. But this needs doing. As I progress will report on the methods that work for me.


Some of this may be useful for you. And in time I might even develop the gumption to post before and after pictures.

One thing is for sure. After reading a few case studies and watching videos, and this is not necessarily good… my house is not that bad. That at least is a good thing, I think. However, it is not that good either.

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Historian by training. Former day to day reporter. Sometimes a geek who enjoys a good miniatures game.

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