Chaos Government: This is the Trump Administration

A year on we have a government shutdown. Why? Nobody knows what the President wants ten minutes from now. I have no idea if the president knows what he wants right now.

Reportedly, he is afraid he will get the blame. This is according to sources who have spoken to Jim Acosta from CNN. This is a good thing. Realize Donald J. Trump is only about one thing, that is Donald. He does not care about anything or anybody else. His brand as a politician is as a grand negotiator. He would get things get done. It would make the country great again.

We are now in the midst of a government shutdown. This shutdown is coming at the one year anniversary of his swearing in. While it betrays deeper dysfunction in the government that has been building for the last 25 years, Trump holds quite a bit of the blame.

He blew this up with a shit hole comment. It was a racist moment. Becuase apparently, his word has no force because he does what the last person he meets tells him.

This was Trump during the open air negotiating season. “If you want to take it that further step, I’ll take the heat. I will take all the heat. You are not that far away from comprehensive immigration reform,” That was a man willing to play ball.

Then came Stephen Miller, who is known to have far right white nationalist views. According to Newsweek “It’s no secret that he’s an obstacle to getting anything done on immigration,”

Miller, and many of his friends in the white nationalist right, would love to ethnically cleanse the country. It is part of their creed. In their mind the white race is superior. Lets dispense with the reality that race is a social construct and all humans are human. Miller is the son of a Jewish couple. His family came over due to similar policies that the Germans carried out. He would not be here. According to Bradley Burston in Ha’Aretz:

Miller is nothing less than a Kapo. Let’s make this clear. Miller is also ignorant of history and a disgrace. This is what happens when people hate. If his polices should work, he will find himself on the way to the proverbial camps. It will be after all those he believes are inferior to him. Jewish history is peppered with people like him, who thought they were immune if they played ball. The reality is that Jews are not white, under the crazy theories of race. So if Miller succeeds, he’d better be ready to go.

He is the man behind getting Trump to be the hardliner that he is. Yes, Trump is a racist and a fool. He also craves approval. On the plus side, he is getting the reality of this. Politically, since it was his party that controls the government, he will be blamed for it. In his mind he believes Democrats are responsible. Don’t tell him that those at fault are under his own roof, and it is not just Miller. There are others, like his Chief of Staff that do not serve him, or the nation, well. But Trump craves attention and to be popular.

So in that sense, he might put pressure to open the government. Or worst, from the point of view of his racist base: Blink. He had two agreements in January to keep the government open, yet he failed to carry those though. The last of them yesterday, when Chuck Schummer offered to put the wall funding in. He created this crisis when he rescinded DACA. This government is under full Republican control.

The starting move from the White House was typical of Trump. Calling people losers is not going to help. What is clear is that Trump is not the master of the deal he claims to be.

Oh, there are losers in the country. The federal workers getting furloughed and children losing access to medical care for starters.

Oh and to be honest, other countries are enjoying this theater. It proves that the US might have the strongest military ever, but might not be able to do much with it. However, the active component of the force will get paid, no matter how much noise Trump made. Why? President Barack Obama signed legislation to that effect hours before the last shut down in 2013.

What this drama is showing is that you cannot take the word of the president two minutes after he gives it to you. It is also proving that he craves to be the center of the news, and attention. Oh, and this is hardly a surprise, that he has no clue what he is doing. He enjoys the chaos though. It is good for ratings I suppose.



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Nadin Brzezinski

Historian by training. Former day to day reporter. Sometimes a geek who enjoys a good miniatures game. You can find me at CounterSocial, Mastodon and rarely FB