Breakthrough in Robotyne

Nadin Brzezinski
6 min readAug 27, 2023

For the last few days, about a week, we have seen the armed forces of Ukraine get deeper and deeper. It is now official that they are at the Surovikin line and perhaps gotten through it:

The Armed Forces of Ukraine are advancing from Robotyne towards Novoprokopivka and Ocheretuvate, according to Oleksandr Shtupun, the spokesperson of the Tavriia Defense Forces

Yes, you probably saw some of this in the evening news. I wait until I see this information come from Ukraine. For balance, Moscow Calling, understandably, is a lot more conservative, but he concedes the advance:

More OSINT in Tokmak direction.

South-east of Rabotino, the Armed Forces of Ukraine advanced close to the “Surovikin Line” (or whose name, in connection with the arrest of the latter, is it now named?).

By the way, the maps are close enough to each other that I will stick to the Deep State Map. The difference is academic. Also, for OpSec reasons, we see the situation as it was, not as it is.

What is interesting is this report from the wild regarding prisoners of war:

In another crazy story, in the vicinity of Robotyne, 52 Russian soldiers beat the commander and surrendered with him to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. It all started with the mobs complaining about the lack of food and



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