Black Shirts in the Capitol

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I said a few days ago that this was a real possibility. We have Trump supporters inside the Capitol after they overran Capitol Police. Reportedly there is a standoff outside the House chamber, and members of Congres were issued gas masks.

This is an extremely dangerous situation and we saw similar events during the open the state's demonstrations during the summer. They charged up the steps in Michigan and Tennessee and what we are seeing is sedition. This is the textbook definition of the term. We may still see people killed.

So for the moment, the pretty sedate certification of the election has been replaced with an attempted coup, (I expect it to fail.) And perhaps the GOP will realize that this is a beast that cannot easily be controlled. Places like GAB and 4Chan are extremely happy.

I will keep blogging as I can. Full disclosure I am not there.

As of now, it seems things are getting more under control. This is just a live blog, but it is time to put an end to this. There is a context that live blogging cannot truly have. There are also necessary consequences that will need to occur because this was the kind of insurrection that is dangerous.

One point. Police are removing people nicely. and while I would love to see a few of these chuckleheads in cuffs. They have videos and photos. Police can arrest later at their leisure. For the safety of all concerned, this may be a good idea.


But if you are surprised, many of us warned that this was coming, because the president continues to throw gas into the fire he has lit.

Reactions to the events start

And now this…


This, to give you context, comes from the RINO and swamp talk. There is an enemies list at GAB abs other sundry places. It includes one third of the Senate, and Vice-President Pence

13:25 Trump’s message calls supporters to stand down while throwing fiel to the fire.

Biden addressing the nation.

He us calling them to pull back now. And the words of a president matter. He is calling trump to go on national tv and demand an end to this siege.

This is not protest, it’s insurrection.

He is speaking of what a peaceful transition looks like. And he is correct. These people are a minority. Always remember that. “Democracy is fragile.”

13:00 hours Pence issues statement. Acting as if he were the President since Trump remains silent

13:00 Speakers office breached

12:55 Multiple officers injured, one transported to the hospital.

From a member of the house

Per Kaitlan Collins

12:35 National Guard has finally been mobilized by the president. He remains silent.

12.28 Woman in critical condition after getting shot in the chest on Capitol grounds. Police agencies coming in

Aaron Davis got this from sources in DoD

12:30 The cavalry has arrived

12:28 Senate side appears to be cleared, per CNN

12:20 GOP Congressman Mike Gallagher tells the president to call it off abs call for peace. He is a Trump supporter

12:08 PST elements of the Trump militia in the Senate chamber.

11:55 PST all proceedings have stopped. Members of Congress are sheltering in place. House members have been told to use gas masks under their seats. Gas was deployed.

‘For context, this is not coming from right field. We have had right wing media lying to the base for years. The last six months it has been especially bad. They have done this in the recent past. I hope to be wrong, but somebody may die tonight.

Historian by training. Former day to day reporter. Sometimes a geek who enjoys a good miniatures game.

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