Biden and Harris Win the Presidency

Nadin Brzezinski
5 min readNov 8, 2020

Joe Biden will be the 46th President of the United States. Kamala Harris will be the first woman Vice-President of color. This is a historic moment. While the election was not the utter rejection of Trumpism we expected based on polling company information. There are reasons for that, which need fixing, or we need to move away from Gallup, et al. However, this is still a historic moment. Even if the country is still utterly divided, and we expect to see more division from President Donald Trump. The next few weeks will still be dangerous.

It’s time to look to The future and healing of a deeply hurt nation. We are hurting and need a new beginning of hope.

People have taken to the streets. People are partying, and it is a release of the tension of the last four years. It is in the cities where Biden won, that people are partying. I am sure in rural America there is a deep sense of dread building. This is not what they expected, or wanted. nor are they giving up. Populism is not done in our nation.

Celebrate at your heart’s content. After that, we have a lot of work to do.

We need to rebuild bridges. Granted, some are burned beyond repair. In order to heal, we actually need Donald Trump to accept defeat in a gracious manner, and this will be near impossible for him. It’s time to understand and have some empathy even for Trump. This is the most difficult moment in his life. His internal compass can never accept defeat. He could even have suicidal ideations.

We should expect Trump to continue telling us that this was stolen from him. This is an utter violation of his sense of self. But perhaps he will rise to the ocasión, even if in a perfunctory manner. I will take it. Because his fans need to hear that concession to reality. They need to hear it, so they can start to heal.

it’s also part of our traditions, which include a peaceful transfer of power. We need a peaceful transfer, and yes, Biden has a clear mandate from millions who voted for him. However, people on the right are already denying this. It’s like every time a Democrat takes power. This is dangerous. Trump did not have as much of a mandate as the right portrayed. The little he had, remember he did not win the popular vote, and never broke from the base that elected him. Trump…



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