Belgorod and Other Points

Nadin Brzezinski
6 min readJan 5, 2024
Damaged cars Belgorod via Telegram

Ukraine is starting to hit Belgorod more often. This is important because Ukraine is willing to bring the war to Russia. The reality is that Russians are starting to feel the war, but it is not affecting the majority.

Remember, while there was a mobilization, Russia still prefers to use volunteers for reasons that make sense. But increasingly, Russians are waking up to this. It’s no longer Crimea or the Donbas. It’s home.

So today, let’s talk about Belgorod and another set of cracks emerging related to the sanctions. This first post mentions the cars. Remember, insurance does not cover war losses:

Preliminarily, two people were injured in Belgorod, and more than 30 cars were damaged — governor

Two men suffered shrapnel wounds and were hospitalized.

“As a result of a shell explosion near an apartment building, windows in several apartments were broken and more than 30 cars were damaged. In the Belgorod district, the roof of 1 household was damaged and 1 car was damaged,” Gladkov wrote.

Yes, some of these cars were totaled. But in this war, a lot of cars have been destroyed. They were lucky that this attack did not kill somebody. The previous night, some people did. Then there is this raid inside the Oblast:

The Main Intelligence Directorate of the



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