Battle of Civilizations

Nadin Brzezinski
7 min readDec 1, 2023

As I sit here watching Russia ban LGBTQ as an extremist organization, it is clear now. We are facing a battle of civilizations. I did not want to say this and have held off on this increasingly obvious conclusion for some time.

This is a battle of values, not just between Russia and the West but also in the Middle East. There are parallels, and they both concern what values are held dear.

The top tier of this is democracy. But the next tier is human rights and opening those to all groups. I will hold my judgment at this point on whether this can last because of the rising antisemitism. It’s a brain virus that is quickly spreading. It denies those rights to Jews. And when London canceled Chanukah because it may inflame emotions, we are back to the olden times of the Middle Ages or Nazi Germany. Yes, that started with words and the banning of public holidays; it ended in industrial murder.

In case you wonder, English Jews are having thoughts about this because Jews carry this in their bones. And yes, about half of them are thinking about leaving. And I can’t blame them. When this starts, it’s time to get your travel papers in order and leave. This is why I will hold off on human rights at the moment. I guess England will prefer what they are getting right now.

Queer’s For Palestine

It’s time to address a group whose rights are weak and recently achieved. Rights that many of us stand by. There are reasons, including those aforementioned human rights, and many of us have family members who have “come out.” This is the LGBTQ community.

It’s a mystery to me how they can embrace the Palestinian cause, given Palestinians are one of the most conservative communities around the world regarding this. This group sees Palestinians as allies due to another new explanation of everything that humanities professors have devised to replace class struggle. This is intersectionality, which sees the plight of Palestinians and, at times, Russians as their own. Here is the problem. Under Islamic Law, LGBTQ deserves death. No, you could not march for your rights in Khan Yunis. Here, as the kids say, receipts:

The discrimination against homosexuals is not limited to Hamas. In October 2022, a gay Palestinian man…



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