Backstabbing Mythology Takes Shape

Nadin Brzezinski
3 min readApr 22, 2022
Igor Girkin, Telegram Screen Cap

One of the causes of the Second World War was the idea that the German Army was winning on the western front. It was incompetence from the high command and politicians that sold the German soldier. This big lie festered and developed. It was one of the grievances that led to the rise of Adolph Hitler.

We all should remember that Hitler was a Corporal in the German army. He was under chemical attack. He survived the war and embraced this big lie. As they say, the rest is history.

The same is starting to take shape on telegram, abs the author is a former Russian military officer who participated in the 2014 invasion. He is Igor Girkin, who took Berdyansk with some of his friends in the opening hours of that operation.

Over the last few days, he’s posted on Telegram his criticism of the high command. Some are basic military doctrine. Russia, all threats to the side, has not taken out rail junctions in the west of Ukraine. This is allowing Ukraine to transport NATO weapons with some ease.

But some have turned dark and gone into how the Russian command refuses to do a general mobilization, or even supply the troops. He is not just telling his readers that this new offensive in the Donbas is going to fail, but more significantly that while Russia retreated from the field in the northern front: “Ukraine is in its third phase of movilización.” He sees this as a real problem since Ukraine now has the reserves.

Here is where we turn into a stab in the back:

“Or did our military ‘arrange in advance with the enemy’ that they (the enemy) will act strictly within the plans of our orthodox general staff?” It is this phrasing that points to the stab in the back mythology starting to take place.

In a second missive, Girkin took a stab at Vladimir Putin. He stated that Ioseph Stalin would have gotten rid of these people. All these failures would not have been tolerated, and to be fair, Girkin knows his history. The purges of the 1930s and later the 1950s were nothing to sneeze at.

Here is the line that caught my eye. “Our diplomacy failed with Lavrov, and the most obvious example of shabbiness of our diplomatic front line is Mr. Medinsky. The intelligence failed, now the Armed Forces are failing. If there are no staff changes, then I will have a very dark view of how this war goes and how it will end. Not even saying that on the state level, at the level of commander-in-chief, am observing a failure.”

Girkin is blaming Putin. In a country where taking shots at the government is dangerous, he is. The setup for a defeat, one the simple soldiers could have won with proper leadership, supplies, and general mobilization, is there.

Girkin is somewhat of a local legend. So when defeat comes, he will be in play if his aspirations are political. What we are watching in real-time is that stab in the back ideology takes place.

These are not my translations. Credit where is due. @mdimitri91



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