Antisemitism and Racism: Trucker Convoy

Nadin Brzezinski
8 min readFeb 10, 2022

Fair warning: Some of the screencaps will show pretty bad antisemitism and racism. If you have a problem dealing with this kind of material, you might want to stop reading now.

No, I am not in Ottawa. However, these days you can pretty much follow supporters of protests and the far right in places like Telegram, 4Chan, and GAB. Therefore, you can suss out what animates a protest, and there are other places you can do that with the left. This is not about the left, but the far right. For the moment this has become a place where certain talking points have come to the fore. Indeed, I have been following this online, and we are seeing far-right talking points emerge in these places.

To be clear, some truckers are there because they want all COVID restrictions gone. I suspect that for a minority this is it. I cannot confirm this since I am not there, but this is my speculation. Given the experience covering Occupy San Diego, this was actually true. Some people were attracted to a movement because they identify with it. Occupy was organic.

Starting with the Tea Party, which was co-opted by the Koch organization, right-wing movements have become varying degrees of astroturf and conspiracy. In other words, they have not been as organic as Black Lives Matter, for example. In fact, some are very inorganic and driven from top-down.

What is animating this is not just COVID. Though it is there because it’s become a symbol of the New World Order that in the minds of many in the far right is run by Jews. The New World Order also controls the media, which of course is not cover the demonstration. Never mind it is now on my tv, starting with Canadian and international services. Now it is in the evening American news. This belief that the media does not cover these movements is common. But the antisemitism and QAnon ideology is pervasive in these message boards where trucker organizing is happening. It happened as well with Stop the Steal, or the Defend groups because all are connected by a far right environment that believes in these conspiracies and that they are freedom fighters resisting oligarchs and coastal elites.

Let me provide you with some examples from these channels, in this case from Telegram.

Let me make one thing clear. One of the big conspiracies is that COVID is not real. It was a made up event, and the goal is social control. The last two years, including the millions who have died around the…



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