An Awareness of Change Comes to Russians

Nadin Brzezinski
10 min readSep 6, 2022

It’s September many Western companies have stopped paying salaries in the Russian Federation. As of September First, these are now former employees.

The war is a disaster. There is also an offensive in Kherson, and reportedly Vladimir Putin gave an order to the army to keep it at all costs and take all of Luhansk by September 15.

I will be bold and say that’s not going to happen. Russian nationalists are starting to realize this. So I bring to you two of the Bloggers on Telegram. First Russ-Orientalist.

What challenges do I personally see. Offhand.

1. Strengthening the role of national republics and national minorities. Based on the results of the SVO, their leaders will establish close cooperation with law enforcement agencies and their role will generally increase. I think the republics will be encouraged by additional payments from the budget. The Muslim minority will be reinforced quantitatively by millions of labor migrants from Asia.

Realize this is code for white replacement. If there is one thing that unites the New Right is the fear that minorities are going to be used because we need bodies for economic activity. But whites do not have enough babies. This is one reason Putin has refused the general mobilization.

White Russians are below replacement level. This is according to an expert on demography

>Russia’s fertility rate has declined dramatically since the end of the Communist era and is now considerably below replacement level. Compounding that problem is the premature mortality rate, which resembles those found in impoverished developing countries, not those with a moderately wealthy, well-educated population.

>Life expectancy among Russians rose rapidly in the 1950s and early 1960s, stalled in the mid-1960s, and then experienced a sharp decline after 1990. Today, life expectancy at birth for an average Russian male is roughly 62 years. For a female it is 72.

A war where young men, some of whom have not had children yet, die makes this more acute. Recruiting older people who are somebody’s parents or grandparents makes a little more sense from this twisted point of view.



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