An Assassination in Moscow

Nadin Brzezinski
4 min readAug 21, 2022
Father and Daughter, via Telegram

Daría Dugina, the daughter of Alexandr Dugin, was killed today in Moscow. It was a bomb in the car. His father was supposed to ride with her but took another vehicle. This is a pretty sedate piece from TASS.

A Toyota Land Cruiser Prado car exploded near the village of Bolshiye Vyazemy in the Moscow region, as a result, the driver died, law enforcement agencies told us.

According to some media reports, the daughter of a well-known public figure Alexander Dugin, Daria, died as a result of the explosion.

First, it’s important to understand this is not just the daughter of a political scientist and philosopher. She, like her father, was part of the Russian nationalist far right. They both built the backbone of the nationalist Eurasian philosophy that Vladimir Putin is following.

He came up with a view of politics where democracy and freedom are not universal values but rather imposed by the west. He believes Russia needs strong men and that the future world is not just multipolar but undemocratic.

His work has deeply influenced the western far right. People like Steve Bannon are not just students of Dugin. They believe Democracy is anathema to the future.

Then there are the internal politics. Many nationalists were suppressed while building a far-right nationalist movement that supported the state. This is a place where Dugin played a role. After all, he is part of Vladimir Putin’s circle.

So he is at the core of the nationalist right. His philosophy is behind the Ukraine war. It’s also part of the threats to the west. So how is the far right reacting? Because they know this is meant as a signal to both Putin and those in his circle.

Soon after the news broke, Vladimir Soloviev wrote this on Telegram. For context, his tv and radio programs are piped into the homes of Russians. He is one of the chief propagandists in the Federation.

I do not believe. I just can’t believe it until now. One of the brightest figures of our crazy time with you.

Farewell, Darya Alexandrovna, we’ll meet on the other side of the mirror glass…

Realized that her father prepared her for a political role within the Federation. She was to carry his vision…

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