Alexey Navalny is Dead

Nadin Brzezinski
10 min readFeb 16, 2024

This is big, though not a black swan event. Alexey Navalny is dead, apparently killed in prison. This has important implications for Russians because it’s yet another test. And I suspect the Systema will not allow significant protests.

So first, with the announcement, I am sure you will see the video in major news media. It was his now widow who broke the news in Munich. The screencap is from the video:

Alexei Navalny’s father confirmed his death
Yulia Navalnaya first commented on the news of her husband’s death during a speech at the Munich Security Conference.

“They always lie. But if this is true, I want Putin and everyone around him to know that they will be held accountable for everything they did to our country, to my family. And this day will happen very soon. I want to call on the international community and all people to unite and defeat this evil,” she said.

The reaction from the West, including President Joe Biden, was to condemn this and blame Vladimir Putin almost immediately. Via MO, here are some of these condemnations:

“Navalny was just brutally murdered by the Kremlin.” Western politicians talk about the death of the most famous Russian opposition leader.

Messages about the death of Alexei Navalny are on the covers and main pages of the websites of all the world’s leading publications. Politicians also promptly responded to his death:

🖋 Edgar Rinkevich, President of Latvia: “Whatever you think about Alexei as a politician, he was just brutally murdered by the Kremlin. This is a fact, and this is what you need to know about the true nature of the current Russian regime.”

🖋 British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak: “This is terrible news. As the most ardent defender of Russian democracy , Alexei Navalny has demonstrated incredible courage throughout his life.”

🖋German Chancellor Olaf Scholz: “ Navalny paid with death for his courage to return to Russia”

🖋 French Foreign Minister Stephane Sejourne: Navalny paid with his life for his “resistance to the system of oppression.”

🖋 NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg: all the facts surrounding Navalny’s death must be established, and “Russia must answer serious…



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