Accelerationism, Civil War and Far Right

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Boogaloo Boys via Twitter: RW Meme

“Every single White should be working towards dissolving the federal government. It’s weak and broke and is coming down anyway but no reason not to speed up the process. At this point we’d be better off under a super Confederacy or something similar. There’s simply no reason that 9 justices who are completely unaccountable to the people should be making decisions like this”

Stormfront Poster

We are at a critical moment in American history. The far-right has made inroads into the body politic of the nation, and this is beyond the president. They also are moving into statehouses, publishing houses, universities, and popular culture. They see this as a critical moment when they either win the battle or lose the country. This is why they are becoming far more assertive in both the way they present themselves and how they act. For some, nothing short than speeding up events will serve the cause. This is what they call accelerationism and what a fair number see in the relatively near future is a hot civil war. What is called going kinetic.

There are several news stories that are at the intersection of this historical moment. Some follow: An Air Force Sergeant used the cover of police brutality protest to kill federal officers. We saw other far-right elements join Black Lives Matters protests, which should have raised questions from members of the national and local media. Reportedly one engaged in robbery spoke fondly of a coming civil war. Then there is the shooter in New Mexico that opened fire on people trying to bring down an Onate statue. Charges have been dropped incidentally.

These were the most recent. Previous to that, during the open the state rallies, we saw heavily armed groups of mostly men taking over state legislatures demanding the opening of state economies. We saw multiple claims that COVID is not real, or at the very least it is far less deadly. Or that it affects some groups more than others, so perhaps we should let nature take its course. This is a form of soft eugenics.

For some, this is an effort to destroy. Donald Trump. This is part of the deep state, in the worst of cases, it is the Zionist Occupation Government that controls the strings of power. This is an old canard belonging to the old right. It’s part of the language the new right wants to discard, at least in public. becauseIt’s bad for recruitment. The New Right emerged in the last two decades, it’s connected to the European new right, they call themselves Alt-Right, and they tend to be more cerebral and intellectual.

If your head is swimming by now, I understand. The number of conspiracies and crazy talk on the internet is deep. Regardless, all these conspiracies and belief systems are connected. They are part of the vast right-wing. The Alt-Right sees itself as an alternative to the old right, which is openly racist, and in many cases denies the reality of the Holocaust. This New Right is trying hard to be clean-cut, well dressed, and not openly connected to Nazism, but still embracing white identity, and fascism.

We need to face this problematic context, which most news writers and editors shy from. Partly, it’s uncomfortable and hard to grasp. But also it is pregnant with a level of hate and ideology that exists just under the surface in the United States and Europe. I have written in the past that we are in the midst of a low-intensity civil war. The conflict is between two visions of the nation. One is the multicultural society that follows a version of the American Dream that is inclusive and democratic. The other is American apartheid that ensures the separation of the races. In the most extreme it involves the creation of self-contained ethno-states and extensive ethnic cleansing. It also implies the banishment or elimination of both democracy and liberalism.

These events are part of the road to a hot civil war. We are in a moment that will determine the future of the country. And yes, there are foreign actors who are taking advantage of this toxic cauldron to deepen divisions and further weaken the United States. For those actors, this is about weakening both the idea of liberal democracy and the United States. This is not limited to Russia since they were so successful. One can expect China and perhaps India to engage in similar tactics. Some, as in the case of India, on our behalf.

Internally we are also facing threats. The first, and newer in the consciousness of the mainstream are the Boogaloo Boys. The term itself is code for civil war. It trended on Twitter just the other day, which led to a healthy (or not depending on your point of view) discussion on 4chan. Why? Some of the residents are looking forward to this very civil war and the possible dissolution of the country. In the most dramatic cases, this will come with the elimination of the opposition with extreme prejudice, and deportation of all minorities. Why? It’s the only way they see to establish a white ethnostate. This is the return to an identitarian white nation, where minorities are not more than ten percent, best case. It is a return to American apartheid, as it existed in the south in 1960. This is what Make America Great Again is all about, at least for that part of the president’s base.

However, not all at 4chan or Stormfront for that matter, were happy. They saw this (and other recent appearances by Bogaloo Boys wearing the trademark Hawaiian shirts,) as false flag government operations. This reflects the deep splits within the far right, where distrust of others within the movement is rife. At worst, some wrote, it was the deep state trying to discredit them. In short, this was the old canard of Jews controlling the government. These are the same people who also pay for Black Lives Matter. And in the weirdest of statements, BLM is a white terrorist organization, not unlike Antifa. This came from yet another white supremacist group. None of this has to make sense. In fact, most of it does not if you only look at it from a surface level. In reality, there is deep resentment and grievances in the far right.

However, this denial that BLM is grassroots is also engaging in common practice with the far right. This is to reject agency for people they think are lesser people and inferior to them. At the same, many of these groups are adopting symbols of Americana, which in their minds stand for a white nation. Why the name of the organization, patriot fire. True patriots are mostly white.

Incidentally, the add taken down by Facebook this morning from the Trump campaign was directed at these disparate groups. It presented to them a graphic that came straight from concentration camps. It is the red triangle signifying political prisoner. The 88 impressions stand for HH, Heil Hitler. The campaign is signaling that the GOP is a white nationalist party at this point.

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Historian by training. Former day to day reporter. Sometimes a geek who enjoys a good miniatures game.

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