A National Pattern: Anti-Semitism and Ukraine.

Nadin Brzezinski
7 min readFeb 27, 2024

When we went to cover the rally for Ukraine on Sunday, it was interrupted for about two minutes by a member of the pro-Palestinian side. This person was handed a microphone, and she said, “It’s time to wake up; they are trying to divide us.”

Now, the mood of the event went from somber to tense. Partly, a lot of the people attending are also Jewish. And like this old reporter, we got the code. I was willing to let this pass. After all, elevating these people is the last thing we want to do. But then a pattern emerged.

First, another demonstration clear across the country saw a member of this pro-Palestinian movement crashing a demonstration wearing a Keffiyeh covering his face and aggressively taking photos of all attendees. He was told to go by the men in the crowd, but just like San Diego, the mood became one of fear.

We came home exhausted because we went from just recording and taking photos to threat assessment. It’s not my job to guard a demonstration. But it is an old habit from ten years of working in the streets as a medic. So my head went on a swivel. They were planning to crash the party again, but a low-level evident presence from San Diego Police was enough to send a message.

My husband did the same. As a veteran, his mood went to threat assessment as well. Yes, that adrenaline for you.

Two demonstrations across the country start to make a pattern by writing this. I am partially giving them what they want. But the last post via Twitter was when I knew this had to be written, even if I acknowledge these people.

What is happening at the University of Connecticut with Ukrainian students is an ongoing problem with Jewish students at Harvard, Columbia, San Diego State, and other universities around the country. Read the post. It will sound familiar. Incidentally, I am using a screencap of the video, and not the photos we took, let alone the video, because I want to give them as little exposure as I can:

I’m horrified that it’s happening at my Alma mater — the University of Connecticut and I’m worried about the safety of Ukrainian students there.

Someone on campus defaced Ukrainian blue and yellow ribbons with the letter ‘Z’, installed Russian flags next to an…



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