A Few Connected Stories from Russia

Nadin Brzezinski
5 min readFeb 13, 2024

This morning, I came across a description of how grassroots movements authorized by the state are funny. It’s how they dealt with it that is telling. This is how things are done.

Oh, and a little context: Russian propaganda is currently accusing Emmanuel Kant of this war and the attack on traditional values. Yes, it is insane. Honest, I am shocked they did not go to Baruj Spinoza, who kicked that door toward modernity, but I digress. So here is this post:

Grassroots initiative in Russia has always been as idiotic as possible. Remember all these sculptures made of shit, squads of dust, swastikas from children in kindergartens, attempts to imprison Kant. This story is in the same treasury of madness:

The face of a porn star was used for graffiti on the territory of the education department in the Russian Federation.

The administration of one of the villages in the Chelyabinsk region placed graffiti near the local education department with the American Sasha Gray, whom they decided to draw in the image of the Snow Maiden.

When it turned out that the graffiti depicted a porn star, the Russians couldn’t come up with anything better than to simply break out the board with her face, leaving a hole in its place.

It is also symbolic that because of the cracks



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