A False Flag?

Nadin Brzezinski
3 min readSep 26, 2022

While going through the resistance channel this morning, I found an interesting post. Who knew school shootings were a problem in the Federation? First, a tad of background here. Not only are things going wrong…but they are getting worse.

Over 260,000 Russians have fled to avoid mobilization. Regions are in quite a bit of discontent. Russians are discovering when you leave politics and sit on the couch; politics will still reach you.

Here is the short post:

About the tragedy in Izhevsk. As everyone knows, another Columbine happened today. A graduate of school №88 Artem Kazantsev, having taken two sawn injuries under a live cartridge, broke into his school and shot the children and employees there. Then he shot himself. A total of 14 people died and a number of people were injured. According to the pro-government media, external agents are to blame, of course, and not the lack of necessary security measures and the banal mother fucked up in the country. These same people, unable to protect small children in the school of their own country, will declare the protection of the interests of the children of the neighboring country? P.S. They write in the comments that this is the handwriting of the FSB. We will not argue.

We believe! P.P.S. Yes, protecting children is not protecting the ass of a bunker.

It’s the photos that were posted with this that point to an FSB false flag. And, to be honest, not the first time. A swastika on the perpetrator's TShirt, English textbooks, some from Oxford University Press… it looks off.

The Ryazan apartment buildings, allegedly done by Chechen terrorists (it was the FSB) rocked the country. With heavy casualties, it got Russians behind a faltering imperial war in Chechnya. This has the markers of this.

First off, people did die this morning. At this point, up to thirteen, including the perpetrator. However, this has those markers because obvious it was done by somebody friendly to Ukraine and the west. Just like the apartment building bombing was done by Chechen separatists.

Chechnya became an anti-terrorist operation. Apparently, Vladimir Putin will not declare war, but this war in Ukraine will become an antiterrorist operation. So are the rumors.

What about those protests in Dagestan…

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