Congressman Jim Jordan from Ohio has a clear conflict of interest. Yet, Leader Kevin McCarthy assigned him to the select committee, which Speaker Nancy Pelosi rejected. This was no accident. Jordan was there to insert chaos into the proceedings. Moreover, he might get called to testify. Incidentally, so will the Republican leader.

McCarthy and the rest of his party (with very few exceptions) are busy trying to rewrite history. They are correct insofar that this needs to be looked at. But every attempt made to move this in a bipartisan manner, they have put roadblocks to. This committee is bipartisan…

Illustration of obesity and waist circumference. From left to right, as labeled in the original image, the “healthy” man has a 33 inch (84 cm) waist, the “overweight” man a 45 inch (114 cm) waist, and the “obese” man a 60 inch (152cm) waist. The graphic is based on information from Report of the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee on the Dietary Guidelines for Americans (2000).

You have seen a supermodel who is obese on the cover of Cosmos. That was Tess Holliday. She is morbidly obese, and a role model to others with severe obesity. She is a leader in the body positivity movement that claims we all can be beautiful, and healthy, at any size. To be brutal, she might be. There is a small percentage of overweight and obese people who are metabolically normal, for the moment.

The body positivity movement raised some serious issues stemming from our attitudes towards fat people lead to job discrimination. It also is a cause for substandard…

Tony the Tiger in a snack designed for children

My mom used to say eat a variety of foods in moderation. However, my mom had cereal packed for us in our school lunch. These days I know those cereal boxes were full of extra sugars we did not need. They were healthy. This is what the marketing said. They had cartoon characters. It was as it remains.

Mind you. We also had a piece of fruit and veg. In reality, as I look back, I can see the beginnings of big food in Mexico during my youth in those home-packed school lunches. …

We are now living in two countries. The vaccinated and the resistant. The vaccinated enjoy far more safety in their daily lives. There is a chance we could get the infection from others, but our chances of becoming greatly ill, or dying, are much lower.

The unvaccinated are going to Emergency Rooms far more often. They are also dying at much greater numbers. It is to the point that over 99 percent of those who end up in the hospital, or dead, are in this group.

These facts do not deter the people who refuse to get vaccinated, and at…

Major media was astounded. Joint Chiefs of Staff Chief General Mark Milley said that Donald Trump preached the Gospel of the Führer. Milley called Trump’s followers Nazis and the same people we fought in World War Two. Major media seemed surprised by these statements.

The upcoming book I alone can Fix It, will detail the general’s fears of a self-coup, an auto-golpe. To say that I hate to see confirmation is an understatement. After all, in 2019 I said he was an authoritarian, consolidating power. I am glad our institutions (barely) held. But this is not over.

On January 4

Embrace Natural Food

We are facing a serious crisis. This is the obesity crisis, which is not limited to the United States, though we are the epicenter of it. This obesity epidemic is starting to look like a slow-moving pandemic. It is killing people around the world, from a slew of metabolic diseases that are on a rapid rise. There are now rat studies telling us that things like added sugar are addictive. If you want to see how it looks, just turn on to the TV in the United States, with things like *My 600 Pound life*. …

By D. Miller —, CC BY 2.0,

Yes, it is a good thing that space exploration is back on. However, a lot of the story is not about science or engineering. It is about inequality. We are living in a Gilded Age, where there are a few winners. These people want all kinds of toys and to make more money, of course. None of these people is doing this to just advance science. There is wealth to be mined out there. The asteroid belt alone was wealth beyond imagination.

They also can afford to do this because they have the resources they have accumulated. I am not…

Wikimedia Comons: Tyler Merbler from USA

Both the officers who protect the Capitol and Municipal Police are worried. August is the month that Donald Trump expects to be restored to the presidency. In other words, he is expecting a coup, because there is no legal way this will happen.

Then there is the audit in Arizona, which is tied to Trump. He is happy to see it, as well as some of The Who’s who of his movements, such as Mike Lindell and Michael Flynn. We have not heard much from Judy Giuliani since he has more than a few legal troubles of his own, stemming…

Most people who go on a weight loss program (do whatever works for you) have a problem with the scale. Partly you do the work, and you want immediate results. Let me paraphrase my Dietitian on this one. No matter what your present weight is, you did not get there overnight, don’t expect to shed it that way.

First, it is not healthy. Losing too fast can have serious medical consequences. Nor is it sustainable. You want to lose that weight for life. Nor are there any magical pills. You have to do the work.

This brings me to the…

Bill Cosby in 2011. By The World Affairs Council of Philadelphia — The World Affairs Council and Girard College present Bill Cosby, CC BY 2.0,

What happened at the Pennsylvania Supreme Court has to be put in the context of your rights. The American Justice system might have worked, even if I do not like the result. Let me explain. The County District Attorney came to an agreement with the defendant. There would never be criminal charges, but in exchange for that agreement, Bill Cosby had to open up. There was no fear of self-incrimination at the criminal level. It is in the Supreme Court Decision, literally in the opening paragraphs.

Seeking “some measure of justice” for Constand, D.A. Castor decided that the Commonwealth would…

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